26/4/2020 West Oxfordshire District Council has seen a major increase in complaints about bonfires in the last few weeks and is calling on residents to be more considerate of those with respiratory conditions and people in self-isolation. July 2020 July 2016 If considered a waste offence or statutory nuisance, it may result in enforcement action and fines. l[31] = '|99'; Copies of such guidance are displayed on all notice boards. September 2015 October 2016 May 2018 March 2017 Bonfires cause issues for your neighbours, especially those with respiratory problems, people who are shielding themselves from COVID-19 or anyone who may have contracted the virus. Residents are being urged to avoid contaminating their recycling bins with ordinary waste. l[52] = '|101'; l[56] = '|64'; December 2018 Apr 28, 2020. l[17] = '|97'; September 2016 August 2015 l[29] = '|101'; l[42] = '|112'; l[19] = '|101'; WODC - Help your neighbours by not lighting bonfires. Please can I ask you to display the attached poster where beneficial. 25/04/2020. l[64] = 't'; l[38] = '|114'; The Chief Constable said: “With Easter coming this weekend and the weather forecast to be fine, it is vitally important that the public continue to adhere to the Government restrictions. Covid-19 Support Information. l[37] = '|103'; l[61] = '|99'; l[49] = '|101'; l[51] = '|112'; l[6] = '|46'; l[39] = '|111'; l[5] = '|117'; l[25] = '|115'; July 2015 l[46] = '|114'; l[76] = 'a'; Coronavirus can cause serious respiratory problems which could be made much worse if a sufferer is exposed to smoke. September 2014 l[64] = 't'; Jun 18, 2020. by Website Editor. Below are copies of the letter from the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson , that has been sent ot all  households in the United Kingdom and the lastest leaflet issued by the UK Government and Public Health England. l[55] = '|115'; l[16] = '|114'; 31/03/2020. Existing customers can expect to receive an email reminding them to sign up, and all other households will be sent a letter. l[68] = 'm'; Hoovering after 8pm, hosting a barbecue or letting your kids loose on a garden trampoline could all land you in trouble with the law. l[41] = '|99'; January 2019 l[77] = '<'; l[63] = 'o'; at-home dialysis) and to those with mobility issues, first of all. l[49] = '|101'; We invite our customers to share their individual needs with us, so, Thames Valley Police - Message from The Chief Consatable, Letter from the Prime Minister and latest COVID 19 leaflet, Message and Information Sheet from Robert Courts MP. April 2020 if (l[i].substring(0, 1) === '|') document.write("&#"+unescape(l[i].substring(1))+";"); Residents urged not to light bonfires during COVID-19 pandemic. These are difficult times for all of us, and now it’s even more important we do what we can to support the most vulnerable. June 2016 l[23] = '|101'; //]]>. l[59] = '|101'; March 2019 l[22] = '|101'; l[10] = '|46'; l[15] = '|116'; l[8] = '|114'; I appreciate that this is a time of year when we would usually be enjoying time with our families and friends, however these are unprecedented times and we must all do our part to protect each other and the vital services of the NHS. July 2017 l[65] = 'l'; l[36] = '|46'; October 2015 Apr 28, 2020. by Website Editor. April 2015 You can find out more about our service. l[28] = '|114'; Bonfires – Mr M Poke reminder residents to consider other residents when having Bonfires and to ensure the guidance from WODC is adhered to. l[34] = '|107'; l[14] = '|111'; In these events, we try to deliver bottled water to people with water-dependent medical conditions (i.e. Bonfires can also get out of hand and take up the valuable time and resources of the fire service which may put others at risk during the pandemic. May 2017 l[18] = '|98'; l[77] = '<'; Cllr MacRae added: “Please be considerate of your neighbours and use alternatives such as composting or storing any waste until government restrictions are lifted. June 2020 l[33] = '"'; l[58] = '|114'; “Most of us are spending more time at home and while having bonfires can be tempting, they carry risks for vulnerable members of our communities. August 2014 l[4] = '|107'; Baltimore County Building Code, County Council Bill Number 40-15. l[22] = '|101'; l[4] = '|107'; l[20] = '|108'; May 2019 l[5] = '|117'; l[21] = '|112'; l[71] = 'f'; l[3] = '<'; l[1] = 'a'; l[29] = '|101'; l[3] = '<'; Jun 18, 2020. The council is also urging residents not to light bonfires. June 2015 l[9] = '|111'; l[30] = '|108'; Bonfires and drifting smoke are a nuisance for neighbours wanting to spend time in their gardens or keep windows open. l[50] = '|108'; l[12] = '|112'; } l[13] = '|110'; else document.write(unescape(l[i])); Bonfires causing public nuisance . l[19] = '|101'; News and information from Aston, Cote, Chimney & Shifford Parish Council. From Friday 7 February, residents will be able to sign up for this year’s garden waste collection service. l[66] = 'i'; If they have a pre-existing health condition or mobility issue, or nobody can deliver water along with their groceries, they should, WODC - Residents asked not to contaminate recycling,, WODC - Bulky waste collections reinstated,, WODC - Help your neighbours by not lighting bonfires, Thames Water support in light of Covid 19, We would like to inform people in your communities about our free priority services register. l[25] = '|115'; l[2] = '/'; l[39] = '|111'; l[69] = '"'; l[65] = 'l'; March 2015 June 2019 l[62] = ':'; Cllr Norman MacRae, Cabinet Member for the Environment, said: “These are difficult and challenging times for us all whether you are adjusting to life and work at home, isolating yourself or looking after loved ones. You can put most of your garden waste to use - a successful compost heap needs lots of brown material as well as green. Environmental and Regulatory Services are required to investigate bonfire complaints whilst following guidance and procedures for social distancing. l[40] = '|46'; l[15] = '|116'; l[58] = '|114'; l[52] = '|101'; l[18] = '|98'; l[71] = 'f'; October 2014 The service will run from 1 April to 31 March 2021. l[0] = '>'; l[11] = '|99'; l[26] = '|64'; l[54] = '|116'; As we are all practising social distancing right now, please stay safe and remain at … Future Initiatives – July 2019 l[74] = 'h'; l[32] = '>'; l[8] = '|114'; Burning doesn’t just affect the vulnerable. //]]>. l[50] = '|108'; l[54] = '|116'; l[53] = '|101'; l[16] = '|114'; l[57] = '|107'; l[63] = 'o'; l[61] = '|99'; l[41] = '|99'; l[67] = 'a'; We know this isn't an ideal solution for everyone but these are not ideal times. l[37] = '|103'; l[31] = '|99'; l[43] = '|110'; we can tailor our communications with them, improve their resilience and prioritise how we help them if their water stops. l[74] = 'h'; if (l[i].substring(0, 1) === '|') document.write("&#"+unescape(l[i].substring(1))+";"); April 2016 l[62] = ':'; May 2014. l[45] = '|116'; l[45] = '|116'; February 2015 Categories: Headlines, News. March 2016

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