likely much higher. And the light gave birth to Angels. As the bus carrying visitors to the prison pulls into the parking area to initiate check-in, the scene switches to the prison laundry room, where Demarest is approached by a man named Osip Krutchkov (Oleg Vidov). Demarest is delighted at their arrival. He finally tracks down Alex's boss and grants him a greed-inflicted wish so that he can get Alex's address. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Morgana is in pain but finds that the fire opal stopped the bullet. One of the police officers encounters the Djinn and orders him to freeze. Alex wishes that the dockworker had not been drinking on the job two days ago undoing the events that followed (and presumably reviving the djinn's victims back to life) and trapping the Djinn in the opal. The Elder Scrolls metaphysics & philosophy, Many abilities ignore conventional durability, Divoff appeared not only in makeup, but also as the Djinn's human alias, Nathaniel Demerest in the film. Completely drunk with the shadow of Demarest's power, Osip tells him he knows where Demarest can get all the souls he needs. The djinn finally corners Alex and traps Shannon, trying to scare Alex into making the ultimate third wish. Farralon is consumed alive by carnivorous locusts. This sets off an alarm that immediately begins to blare throughout the museum. The two burglars rush down the stairs and are confronted by another guard, who shoots one of the burglars. Thinking she saw something inside the jewel, Alexandra takes it to her labworker, best friend and potential love interest Josh Aickman to analyze. Facing the Djinn, she wishes that the guard she killed during the gallery robbery, was alive again. The Djinn is the main antagonist of the 1997 American horror film Wishmaster and its sequels. He complies by blowing his head off with a gun, yet the wound heals instantly; as the djinn is immortal, he cannot be killed. An appraiser accidentally discovers a rare fire opal containing an evil djinn that wants to open a portal and allow his fellow djinn to take over the Earth. He pushes to find out who Demarest is covering for. But Pushkin brushes them off, saying he already has great wealth and power, and he doesn't need or desire fame. Beaumont tells Alex to visit a folklore professor named Wendy Derleth to find out more about Ahura Mazda and the gem. During their conversation, Alex realizes she is really talking to the djinn. His face is gaunt and thin, and his eyes are a yellowish color. Morgana points out that unlike the two of them, the alchemist knew what he was doing. Fear one thing in all there is...fear the Djinn.”. Ariella was a retail clerk who worked at a men's boutique somewhere in California. The Djinn freezes in place, his terrible form starting to twitch. Technically, only the preamble scenes from. A hideous demonic face emerges from the amorphous mass clinging to the wall and addresses Eric by name, saying it can help him. The mere mention of Moustafa's name sends Pushkin into a rage. Alex then uses the first of the "official" three wishes: her first being to know her opponent, the djinn. Morgana rushes to the church to speak with Gregory. She is left frightened and shaken by the vision. Pushkin's greatest enemy is a rival crime boss named Moustafa. Osip realizes the Djinn is protecting her, even from far away. He squirms away in bewildered fear as the mass flows up the tendril onto the wall. On Demarest's command, the yard gate swings open as everyone else around, including the guards, seem frozen in time. Demarest tells Osip that there are some rules to how he operates, that even he cannot break. She hears the Djinn's voice, telling her to fulfill the prophecy, in her dreams as she sleeps fitfully, until she is jolted awake in terror by the Djinn's clawed hand grabbing her. She races to Beaumont's party and Nathaniel follows. Seeing a mark, Demarest asks the agitated man if there's something he likes. He tells her both tickets will be waiting at the airport. This was why the Djinn were feared by those aware of their origins. He tells her that he has purchased a ticket for her to pursue Demarest, begging her to try and stop him, as she is the only one who can. Arriving on the scene is Demarest, speaking in his standard, honeyed voice, telling Gries that he can arrange for Gries's lawyer to 'go fuck himself' as Gries wanted to see happen. Tearfully she bends over Eric (we see that they are lovers), who tells Morgana to leave him and run. He has become quite drunk and boisterous. She is forced to make a wish for Gregory to be released. Museum curators are confident that the damage to the statue can be repaired. But if it's any consolation sweet Alex, THAT HURT LIKE HELL! He shows her Gregory, attired as Christ was on his crucifixion, and likewise crucified as Christ was. As Gries and a summoned guard watch in amazement. The Djinn is required to grant the wish, and Morgana sees a vision of the guard, alive and well, arriving home and greeted warmly and excitedly by his wife and children. Demarest is elusive on this, finally just inviting the detective to tell him what he'd like, and Demarest would be happy to oblige. On the floor before Morgana is Gregory, alive and intact, also released from the Djinn's evil. The Djinn had been threatening Alex's sister, so Alex sets about finding Shannon. Completely dumbfounded but also impressed, Osip makes his wish to leave the prison. One burglar aims a gun at the guard and is promptly slain by a single shot from the guard's revolver. The other two burglars are pinned down in a brief exchange of gunfire. The burglars all begin to panic, looking to scramble out of the museum. He is losing his patience with the overly smug Demarest, seeing his face whenever there is trouble at the prison. The casino's gambling room becomes overcrowded to capacity and beyond, guards having to stop more people from trying to flock in. Demarest introduces himself to Pushkin, speaking flawless Russian to the great surprise of Osip. It's time to move on and leave the prison. Morgana goes to the prison to visit Demarest. As Morgana and Gregory ride a cab through Las Vegas to the casino Demarest is operating out of, the Djinn stands in his office in his true form. Morgana and Gregory are preparing for the trip in pursuit of the Djinn. Demarest knows exactly who Gregory is, and about his past relationship with Morgana. Rushing forward, he grabs it and recites the incantation used by the alchemist. Everyone gambling in the room is winning... and winning big. While talking to Nathaniel at the party, Beaumont makes the mistake of wishing his party would be unforgettable, and Nathaniel begins wreaking havoc by causing the art pieces to kill the guests. Speaking seductively, the demon tells Eric that it can give him life everlasting, or just end his pain, if he wishes for it. Two more officers encounter the frozen one, and then see the Djinn, who has donned Eric's clothing and taken human form. Demarest is led to the visitor's room, smiling wickedly as he recognizes Morgana. Gries is at first elated, until Fox suddenly begins to groan and act oddly. Demarest is walking through the common room of a casino, speaking with the manager, Mr. Farralon (Bokeem Woodbine). Back at the prison, Demarest and Osip are talking over a game of chess. Scoffing at the notion that Gregory and Morgana can save the world by following Demarest, Osip says there is only one way to save the whole world. The camera pans along the room to show various other exhibits and pauses at two paintings. She has heard that Demarest left with a Russian prisoner-- which could be a clue as to his whereabouts. The Djinn was originally portrayed by Andrew Divoff and first appeared in Wes Craven's Wishmaster. Morgana and Gregory arrive at the casino, finding it in complete pandemonium as all the victims are being loaded into ambulances. Fox's body bends backward as Demarest's spell takes effect-- Fox is forced to 'fuck himself' as Gries dejectedly asks about his case-- he is supposed to walk free. Demarest merely smiles again, noting the two of them have studied the legends well, before gesturing, and the fire opal vanishes from Gregory's hand into Demarest's. During this time, the djinn, who had been in demonic form, removes the face of a corpse in the morgue, taking on the dead man's form and the name Nathaniel Demerest. Dropping to her knees, Morgana hugs him gratefully, filled with relief. “Once, in a time before time, God breathed life into the universe. Morgana finds herself inside the Djinn's dimension within the fire opal. He goes to a mirror and finds that he does in fact, now have Moustafa's head... in place of his own. Alas, the Djinn has since not become such a popular icon in the Halls of Horror, but his first outing seems to have been enough to secure a name in the ranks like Freddy and Pinhead. The first guard arrives on scene to confront the two young thieves. But Morgana has forgotten that death is often a release. Wishmaster 2: Evil Never Dies (1999)/Characters, Wishmaster 3: Beyond the Gates of Hell (2001)/Characters, Wishmaster 4: The Prophecy Fulfilled (2002)/Characters, Wishmaster 4: The Prophecy Fulfilled (2002), Wishmaster 3: Beyond the Gates of Hell (2001),, The character of Wishmaster Djinn was created by director. Disgusted, he voices that his lawyer should 'go fuck himself.' The worker who is lowering the crate is drinking on the job and accidentally drops it from his crane, killing Beaumont's assistant and destroying the statue. Demrest is quickly confronted by Butz and the Tiger brothers; Butz sees that Demarest is doing 'business' in the jail and has come for his share-= a percentage in return for no unfortunate 'accidents.' He claims he doesn't care if Demarest is the Devil or not; he is willing to accept any terms that Demarest will put forth in return for granting what Osip wants. Ever since Demarest arrived at the prison, there have been murders, an increase in contraband, and a lack of discipline among the inmates... and Tillavar knows that Demarest is orchestrating much, if not all of it.

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