They are incredibly sweet-tempered, sociable, and enjoy being held, which makes them an excellent choice for homes with children and/or other pets.

July 11 Ideas for blue eyed cat names can come in all different places. Like many other blue cat breeds, the hairs are silver-tipped at the ends. Have you spoken to the breeder? Some cats with blue coats also carry the gene for green, yellow, or copper-colored eyes.

The blue coat can be a soft bluish-gray or increase in shade intensity to a deeper slate grey. Full coloured cats from lines which produce deep blue eyes in pointed kittens are more likely to have green eyes while pointed cats from lines which produce deep copper eyes in full-coloured kittens are more likely to have pale blue eyes. Snowshoes are affectionate, talkative, and social cats who exhibit great devotion to their owners. The gene causes the coat colour to be heat sensitive, so the cooler extremities such as the nose, ears and tail show colouration and the rest of the body are cream to white.

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While all cats have similar numbers of melanocytes, the amount of melanin can differ. Perhaps the most famous of all the blue-eyed breeds, the Siamese is a curious and intelligent “people cat” and an expert communicator.

White cats that have two blue eyes are prone to a higher tendency of being deaf than do cats that have other coat and eye color combinations.

The green eyes of this breed bring a striking contrast to the soft, shimmery coat. The Javanese is a playful breed with a long and graceful body, silky coat, and exquisite sapphire eyes.

In cats who carry the white spotting gene, the defective melanoblasts are reduced in numbers and fail to reach all parts of the body. The British shorthair is often thought of as a blue cat, though the truth is that they come in variety of colors. The white spotting gene (represented with the symbol S) causes a defect in embryonic cells known as melanoblasts. Persians are known for their long, flowing coats and flat faces with bright eyes.

The more melanin, the darker the eyes, the less melanin, the lighter the colour will be and a complete absence of melanin results in red eyes.

Unlike the blue-eyed Siamese who can be prone to strabismus (crossed eyes) and the epistasis white cat who may also be deaf, the gene doesn’t appear to affect the eyes or ears. There are several causes of blindness in cats, some genetic (progressive retinal atrophy); however, the blue colouration is not a cause of blindness, and blue-eyed cats are at no greater risk of blindness than cats with other eye colours. Eye colour starts to change in kittens from the fourth week. Physical Characteristics: Short, smooth coat with long legs, large ears, and a triangular-shaped face. So, while not exclusively a blue cat breed, the Burmese has the possibility of exhibiting this striking coat color. We are certified via, According to the standard for the breed, the Korat should have a short coat that is light blue at the roots but gradually shifts to a deeper shade of blue towards the tips. These are the fluffy grey and white cats. The coat is short-haired and plush. These rare cats have strong color point markings and in the purebreds, brilliant blue eyes. Physical Characteristics: Medium-sized body with long coat; full, flat face with round eyes.

While the breed is still somewhat rare today outside of Europe, this blue cat breed is almost immediately recognizable for its blue-gray fur and copper-colored eyes. She enjoys photography, gardening and running in her spare time.Full author bio Contact Julia. About    Privacy policy    Disclaimer    Contact    Sitemap Copyright © – All Rights Reserved, The blue colouration you see in a cat’s eyes is due to specialised pigment-producing cells in the iris known as. The Tonkinese is a very social cat and gets along well with children, other pets, and visitors. Boasting big blue eyes and a masked face, this breed is most commonly beige, white or tan in colour. A silvery finish on the tips of the hairs is particularly noticeable on the face and feet. Because of their level of intelligence, they tend to be very inquisitive and can be trained. The blue coat of these cats typically ranges from light ash gray to a steely, dark grey. Blue eyes of white cats had normal pigmentation of the iridial and retinal pigment epithelia but no stromal pigmentation of the iris or choroid. If the melanoblasts don’t reach their positions before the skin is formed, the skin will be deficient in those cells which leads to a lack of pigment production, which causes a white spot and blue eyes. While the original standard coat for a Burmese was a rich sable color, the breed standard today includes four possible coat colors: sable, champagne, platinum, and blue.

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