If he didn't mark it, he was just as damaging at ground level. I obviously had always known he was one of the greats, but I was really surprised when I wiki'd him that he was considered by many to be the absolute best of all time.

He also kicked five in the '98 Grand Final win against North Melbourne. I would put both Abletts, Greg Williams, Robert Harvey, Leigh Matthews and Plugger ahead of him and that is just from the modern era. GLEN JAKOVICHNo surprises who the first defender is in my top 20.

There was something inevitable about him being the matchwinner, in the same way there was an inevitability of Hawthorn running over the top of teams in the past 2 years.

2020 was Josh Walker's first year at North Melbourne, see some of the highlights. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. Which goal gets your vote? Wayne Carey in Round 17, 1999, or Brent Harvey in Round 19, 2008? He redifined the role of the CHF I think, as the power forward that really holds his own and rag-dolls an opponent with a mark, turns around and then nails it or some miraculous pass if not a goal. Some "moments" identified here were specific plays, some "moments" were the cumulative performance within a finals match. Andrew McLeod winning that year's Norm Smith Medal as well as the following year's was equally history-shaping.

Ablett was more mercurial, but Carey was more influential. All entries go into the draw to win a 2021 membership, as well as a $20 Roo Shop voucher per matchup vote. GARY ABLETT jnrOne of the great modern-day midfielders, Gary Ablett has an honour roll as big as anyone.

Gary Ablett has been an accumulator - of the ball and of awards. No one ever will. Tom Boyd goal, 2016 GF. But enough of the stats... just Google some video highlights like (this one)[]. His final goal was mesmerising. As always with such exercises, this is one person's opinion. The first from the right forward pocket. Like Ablett he was a dominant forward who could win games off his own boot, he could also control a game with his marking. Damian Barrett ranks the most memorable finals moments in the modern era. It does include plenty of players from the '90s and that's down, in part, to the fact it was a time everyone had an opponent.

Hird always seemed to deliver in big games. Brooke Brown talks about being selected by North Melbourne.

He played on all the great forwards mentioned previously and stood tall under fire. Fantastic Five: Wayne Carey's best moments.

... That is a pretty strong lead for averages in disposals and goals.

Wayne Carey in Round 17, 1999, or Brent Harvey in Round 19, 2008? If the 1994 qualifying final against Hawthorn wasn't his most complete, then the '97 qualifying final – where he kicked seven goals with only one functioning arm - against Geelong was.

Johnson, a successful Riverboat gambler from way back, went inboard to Gary Ablett. While Warren Tredrea was a four-time All-Australian at centre-half-forward, I'd argue Brown's best was as good as any forward in the past 30 years.

With the assault and vandalism charges, plus drugs and other things, he's lost all credibility to me.

I don't think he is the best ever. In the next round, it's Winston Abraham v Wayne Carey. View the full list of matchups at the bottom of the page. Add articles to your saved list and come back to them any time. All entries go into the draw to win a 2021 membership, as well as a $20 Roo Shop voucher per matchup vote. Darren Jarman may not have single-handedly won for the Adelaide Crows their first premiership. He is definitely in the discussion, but it's hard to compare players from different era's. Which goal gets your vote? 7. 2020 was a milestone year for Todd Goldstein. yea probably is a you need to see him play kind of thing. He was electric off half-back and would always use the ball well. With scores level late, Matthew Scarlett toe-tapped a disputed ball to Gary Ablett, who went long where Paul Chapman snapped the go-ahead goal.

Leigh Matthews says Voss is the best he's seen and there's hardly a greater compliment. Twice every week, two of the best goals kicked in our history will go head-to-head in a fan vote, to determine the best goal of all-time. The final siren had sounded with scores level in the Swans-Bombers SCG 1996 preliminary final. Liam Ryan's unbelievable, put-everything-on-the-line, super-skilled mark from Vardy's kick.

I'm fully prepared for the colourful feedback, so here goes.

Given what was at stake, I reckon it is the greatest individual quarter ever played. Which goal was best? Watching someone toy with their opponent and do something incredible is a massive morale-lifter for the side. 16. So many moments that have shaped the game's finals history from 1991 to now.

He had the intuitive football sense of gary ablett jnr and just knew where to be for the ball, and where to put the ball once he had it.

He set the game up.

At this time of year the difference between the best teams can be so small that games are often won in short bursts or single moments. At times I've been critical of him as an accumulator, but he's also been a goalkicker. As Quarters iconically said in that very moment - Leo Barry, you star.

All entries go into the draw to win a 2021 membership, as well as a $20 Roo Shop voucher per matchup vote.

STEPHEN SILVAGNIWith apologies to Matthew Scarlett, 'SOS' is the final key defender in my top 20. He was a handful as a forward with his long, rangy arms, but could also play back and in the midfield, which is where I thought he was most damaging.

Boyd, with three telling goals and eight marks, would have been a deserving one, too. Never seen someone able to take over a game single handedly like him. I would have loved to get the likes of modern-day stars Joel Selwood and Scott Pendlebury in, but there simply wasn't enough room.

No one has ever done what Jarman did that quarter. He kicked six goals the following week in a losing Grand Final. It was two years ago, while playing footy with some friends, that Hassan Nur Hussein…, AFL chief executive Gill McLachlan admits he isn't sure if list sizes will be settled…, 32-year-old ruckman Todd Goldstein isn’t showing any signs of slowing down, putting…. The second from a classy mark.

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