Although Vespa species are generally monogynous (Fig.

Similar to ants. %PDF-1.4 The sides of the head and thorax show some reddish brown. 37). Q Lee – Vespa-bicolourJoseph Wong – FlickrMark Eising - MarkeisingbirdingNikita Hengbok – FlickrSasithron – FlickrTan KH – Singapore Wild AnimalsTroup Dresser – FlickrVil Sandi – Flickr, This page was authored by Chua Mui ShanLast curated on 2015. They prey on a wide diversity of insects, but several species are predatory on honeybees. 13, No. Before that, let's learn how to differentiate bees and wasps. . (2013). [ebook] Uppsala, Sweden: Uppsala University, p.20. As such, they seem to have adjusted to the urbanization in Singapore where they have been found foraging in urban gardens, parks and rooftop gardens (observation, 2015). Journal of Hymenoptera Research, 32, 1-15. . Profile of Vespa affinis, commonly known as Lesser banded hornet. %%EOF

If stung, seek medical attention immediately.

4. Without close examination, bees and wasps can be easily confused in the field even by trained taxonomists. Apart from the early reactions, victims often die in hospital many hours later due to complications such as myocardial infarction and multiple organ failure. Catalogue of type specimens. Vespa affinis (Linnaeus, 1764) Lesser banded hornet, Vespa affinis foraging at floral resource (Permission pending: Sasithorn), When asked about bees, wasps or hornet, the first thing that comes to mind is either the honey bees that live in hives and produce honey or the perceived danger posed by these insects where they should be removed from human dwellings. Une version spéciale numérotée qui reste fidèle à l'âme sportive de Vespa.

Potentially Dangerous Bees and Wasps of Hong Kong.

Contact any local pest management companies for inspection and treatment plan of the nest. Nest interior of Vespa affinis(Permission pending: Huang), Figure 36. It can be found in temperate areas such as Japan, Russia and Korea, and is also found over much of China and Taiwan, down to tropical regions like Singapore and Indonesia.

Vespa affinis is eusocial.Social wasps are characterized by cooperative care of young, overlap of generations within the society and reproductive division of labour, .

Bourke, A. F. (1988). 0000000015 00000 n Synonymis, Locis. Global distribution of Vespa affinis (Map from. THE HORNETS OF SINGAPORE: THEIR IDENTIFICATION, BIOLOGY AND CONTROL By K. L. Chan SYNOPSIS This is the first report on the identification, biology and control of hornets in Singapore. Although some species are indeed dangerous when provoked, people need to better understand and gain greater appreciation of these insects, for over 100 known species of bees have been found in Singapore (Ascher, personal communication, 2015).No doubt, bees and wasps are one of the most venomous insect groups. . The social biology of wasps. Figure 16.

<< /S 106 /Length 121 No doubt, bees and wasps are one of the most venomous insect groups. 27), polygynous colonies (Fig. 0 x � �b � ������ � �}�{;�� u���m��U���E-;:�"ȳ]��K�U-_�� /ID[<79167199C5B66F9D3BFC23F5261C74FF> <79167199C5B66F9D3BFC23F5261C74FF>] Systema Naturæ per Regna Tria Naturæ, Secundum Classes, Ordines, Genera, Species, cum Characteribus, Differentiis. In sub-tropical regions like Hong Kong, queens appear from late March to early May and initiate new nests from April to May. August, 1972.

Vespa affinis was first described by Linnaeus in 1764 as Apis affinis, where most bees described for the first time were simply classified under the genus Apis.

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