You’re basically obligated to use large units to get any benefit from this and they’re probably better as Kraken or Leviathan. Naturally that goes for the synapse creature itself as well, since - of course - it is within 6" of itself. A pretty milquetoast ability given the range and limited utility. However, almost always the best choice on the units that really want it. At the beginning of the battle before the first turn, choose an enemy unit. Adrenal Webs is also a fantastic unit adaption, because nothing wipes the smirk from a Tau player's face when he thinks that his units are safe and your 'Stealers consolidate 2D6" up his.

The Warlord can re-roll all failed hit rolls for attacks that target that unit or any unit with the same datasheet. This applies to both melee and shooting. Modifies a lash whip and bonesword (or monstrous bonesword) to inflict double damage on a wound roll of 6+. The Hierophant is a NIGHTMARE in Apocalypse, with an incredible 3+ save, and an insane number of attacks. In the following Shooting phase, use The Swarmlord’s Hive Commander ability to allow the Genestealers to move and Advance a second time. As such care should be taken when engaging units with Hit debuffs or high toughness, particularly if said units are also strong in melee (knights, primarchs etc. Use the Termagants in order to shield it, as it has a degrading Movement, BS, and WS, and if it dies, nearby friendly Termies eat d6 Mortal Wounds. Sporocysts, Biovores, etc.). If you insist on double melee, he can take two sets of talons for 20 points total (which will give you 5 attacks with them), which is strictly better than talons and boneswords; rending claws or lash whips and boneswords can both be paired with a pair of boneswords, giving you 4 attacks with the better weapon and 1 with the boneswords pair. cost between 14 and 20 points depending on who wields them and how many are used.

However, each one has a 47.84% chance of making its charge when it pops up (which won't stack with behemoth in any way), and Chameleonic Skin makes them completely immune to anything with WS6+, which means a pair of them will usually (72.8%) be able to tarpit a problematic tank that's been left outside of its bubble wrap.

The combination of outdated rules, highly situational abilities with onerous requirements to trigger, heavy reliance on melee, and general lack of ranged anti-tank put them at a distinct disadvantage.
Honestly, a pretty trash ability given that other factions can move multiple units. It can't charge the turn it surfaces, but a gigantic gob worm rising right in the enemy ranks works as a neat distraction. They now seem to be predestined to be shoved into a Tyrannocyte, as their Flamespurt has just high enough range to be used right after disembarking, but that's a loooot of points to pay for delivering a maximum of 3 Pyrovores. is used in the Movement phase, and will flay most things into the ground. In other words as cool as Pheromone Trail is, there’s no real way to use it. They're also the only breed of 'fex that can't take toxin sacs or adrenal glands, and they use the old Index definitions of the thresher scythe and bone mace (because they are printed directly on the model's datasheet), meaning the scythe is an auto-buy over the mace (you can't field them without tails). In practice these are still basically Warlord Traits that can be given to units. This can also force your opponent to take the same power on more than one Psyker to try and counteract the disabling effect. Set up more then 9" away from enemy models just before the first turn, has synapse itself if in synapse range, and spews out spore mines or mucolid spores (as an actual weapon, so if there're no targets within 9" you can't make any splodey things). Potentially devastating when applied to high volume weapons like a Carnifex equipped with four devourers and brainleech worms or a Tyrannofex spitting Acid Spray. You need lucky rolls to kill him before getting drowned in mortal wounds, or worse maimed down to your last set of stats, at which point you have very little chance of winning. Its tongue gun heals it when it kills something with it, and if it kills at least one model in melee it also heals a wound, so throw it at the opponent and watch it heal all the damage the opponent painstakingly put into it.

On the other hand, since the IB is not an army killer thing anymore, and you can even play it out, and lastly, the other warlord traits are better than this, you should consider to not take this one. OOE can stand in front of them, and not be targeted. This practically guarantees a first turn charge for a Genestealer unit and is one of the reasons The Swarmlord is featured so heavily in competitive play, almost always as KRAKEN. And don't forget that since they fly, they can jump out and shoot again in their own turn. Per the FAQ you have to pay reinforcements points for these models, which means this Stratagem is mostly useless. For 3CP the Hierodule can also fight twice, an ability that for Imperial Knights is hard-locked to only one Household.

Adaptation – Questing Tendrils: When advancing, roll three dice and pick the highest to add to the Move characteristic. What about spore cysts for 10 points so you are -1 to hit? Just imagine your opponents face when his Knight Valiant is denied its Conflagration Cannon's overwatch for the sake of a 34 point resin model, and your 'fexes make it in unmolested! Where Broodlords shine is in their ability to boost nearby units. The first had boneswords and a venom cannon while the second had wings and four devourers. Use Metabolic Override to move the Broodlord even further ahead. More importantly, its attacks ignore the cover bonus to saves for infantry. It comes with two wrecker claws; you can swap one claw out for a bio-flail if you're deliberately trying to make the 'fex worse, as you'll make it more expensive and worse at melee at the same time (anything you'd attack with the bio-flail, you should be attacking with the scythe). (Best not to dwell on the logistics of that one...). In exchange for all three units not being permitted to take any Psychic tests you select a point within 18” of and visible to all three units and then roll a d6 for each unit (friendly or enemy) within 3” of that point. Other armies get the bonus without enduring such a convoluted requirement, but it does get you to the important T8 break point on a Hive Tyrant which isn’t nothing. The typical exchange range for CP to mortal wounds is 1 CP for 1d3 mortal wounds, so you’ll need to expect at least 12 models to die to get your point’s worth. Their best trick is Pheromone Trails, which is why.

Adaptation – Adaptive Toxins: Re-roll wound rolls of 1 in the Fight phase. If groups of 9 foot tall monsters with huge swords that cleave through armour like butter and acid spitting machineguns auto-shotguns descending on you doesn't make you shit your pants then you clearly are brain dead. Useful against targets with high invulnerable saves or no armour save like Genestealers or Daemons, but has the perenial problem of situational relic weapons that against anything else you’ve paid points to unlock it for nothing. Just spam Biovores and Malanthropes and you win. Because of this, you are almost always better off just spending the points up-front on your army. Venomthropes for protection to weather enemy shooting in case of failed charges. Your little dakka bugs. Perhaps a unit of 22 Devilgants to Endless Swarm behind enemy lines. Adaptation – Hyper-Aggression: Re-roll failed charge rolls. Now costs the same points as the Crone as of CA2019, but trades with flier hunting buffs for more reliable shooting and the ability to carpet bomb your opponent with spore mines. - and she will cause a fucklot of mortal wounds to her babies, if she dies. Use Swarmy's "Hive commander on him" or the Metabolic Overdrive stratagem and watch your opponent's face as the Big Bad Lictor literally crossed half the board on turn 1.

Slow to play, which can be a problem in ITC formats with a chess clock. Hive Fleet Kraken consists of many small but fast moving splinter fleets. Hive Guard are significantly more effective against lighter armoured threats like Thunderfire Cannons, Eliminators, or other forces that pose a specific threat to key parts of your army. Each of the deathspitters is an Assault 3 weapons with S7, AP -1, and deals 1 damage. A massive gun only fielded by the Tyrannofex. The heavy venom cannon is 25 points and is an Assault D3 weapon that hits at S9, AP -2, and does a fixed 3 damage. They gain +1 to hit against units with 10 or more models. Everything it does re-rolls to Wound, which combined with Strength 7 means that unless you consciously target monsters with it, it will usually wound with all its hits.

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