Usually, you get LR'd and it's final. Anyone would care to chime in with a prediction about potential Cisco Layoffs 2020? My application was approved. The name "Zoom" is like the name "Google", Cisco – Cast system in Silicon Valley & Layoffs, Cisco cloud doesn't have the right talents to build it.

They just don't need as many employees, especially if the software is written and supported in India. Honestly Cisco doesn't deserve this for the culture and values the organization have promoted are well meaning and well intentioned. Age discrimination is common in high tech industry. “I don‘t think Cisco is going to replace all of its roles, so the channel is going to be more relevant,” the Cisco partner said.

Someone asked about hardware concentration, I believe this is done because each different type of hardware takes much investment, time, and multiple teams to support. The executives -- some part of the company‘s partner organization -- shared that October 5 was their last day with Cisco, some of which were closing out a more than two-decade run the with company.

Year over year 15% loss of recurring revenue, increasing. When talking about video conferencing, it is all about Zoom calls.

If you get cut, the balance make no sense at all. Even more interestingly that Cisco wants to get into Chips. I was on the 5th October exit. 2. “Our employees are our priority and we are committed to providing our full support to those transitioning to new roles or teams within Cisco or leaving the company. is an interactive community for layoffs discussion, news and rumors. This is crazy. —  Why so many young engineers considered working for Cisco is inferior than working for the FAANG companies. Never, never have I heard "Let's get together and do a Webex call". I don't see anyway to save Cisco from the path HPE is heading for.

—  What is the financial future for new employees? Where possible, we will offer employees options that enable them to make decisions that best suit their career goals and personal circumstances.”, [Related: Cisco CEO Chuck Robbins: COVID-19 Forcing As-A-Service Transition]. Cisco reinvent itself through acquisition since the early day. People who have posted otherwise on this forum are spreading misinformation. I have no idea if he was the only one on that team or if they let others go. The restructure included leadership changes and combining some of its business units, including its enterprise networking and data center segments. As an engineer i don't know what one can do, if the codebase is itself unreadable. Not to mention the CA taxes. 80,382... Reinvent inside is sort of incremental thing, it only works for existing products. In Q2 2020, Cisco's revenues in China fell about 30 percent. 195,931 Shares $7.9M

It is clear that some thing seriously wrong with the company. There is a tremendous void left where you used to so effectively do your jobs and keep the business running... A lot of politics and fiction among different BU. The company designs, makes and sells networking equipment and software. A Cisco spokesperson failed to respond to a multiple email requests for comment. Hence, such leaders and managers who play sh–ty political games actually end up spoiling the otherwise well intentioned culture and values. The employee received ten responses, but no other contributor confirmed layoffs or similar one-on-one meetings. Cisco has filed tons of patents and being one of the top patents holders in US. Such that we can know more whether the company has any bias on layoff. Just tired of reading all the negativity about Zoom v... Compromised code review process (treated as favors to be exchanged) , compromised regression/sanity process were mostly factors responsible for this. What makes it worse is Cisco preach their ethics when Their actions are actually the opposite and indeed are even prepared not to admit anything and fail in their duty of care. Recent user-started threads regarding layoffs.

Isn’t looking great,” wrote an anonymous contributor. At the time, a Cisco spokesperson confirmed the restructuring plan in an email. This is the 3rd year in a row. The legacy codebase had become literally unreadable. I accept companies need to change but the methods used by Cisco of victimisation are abhorrent. read more, After 6 years at Cisco I must say that I am proud to have started my career here. — 

One extra week per year over 10 then two weeks per year over 20. [Related: Cisco Q2 Revenue Softens As Macro Uncertainties Affect IT Spending].

MPLS stands for the initials: —  Fortunately, Cisco is still monopoly in the networking area. |   Site designed and managed by WRAL Digital Solutions. First line managers do not know.”. The problem with the LR, the 'problem child' remains at Cisco while the talented ones take the package. You don’t need insurance for this affordable health plan. While some channel roles may be changing, new roles are also being created within the organization, the Cisco spokesperson said. After Twenty years, and loving it at Cisco I took a long time to consider the ER, but I'm out! On online forums like, a thread reads on Wednesday: “Any layoff emails received yet [at Cisco]?”.

I understand it will probably push me to a higher tax bracket but will all proper taxes be taken out from Cisco directly? Since so many are leaving will it be better for those who stay? 12K likes. Wondering if someone can provide perspective on how taxes work with the LR package. Transition or transformation of Cisco is painful, just like cancer cell, you better do a one deep cleaning, cut it many times won't work. Flatten out the org chart. I would hold out on signing the LR contracts.

Cisco, which has long been a … 20% could easily be taken from middle management. “I had a 9 AM call this morning with manager… he read a script and told me that I will get an email from the HR team about next steps. What is their comp structure for a level 12? 1 year salary + 2 year of health insurance + extra week per every year service above 10 years. are presented below the company info. Responded another: “I am sorry to hear that.

last day is this friday. “Partners are still the number one priority and we are making sure we have the leaders in place to support them in every facet of business,” the spokesperson said. On online forums like, a thread reads on Wednesday: “Any layoff emails received yet [at Cisco]?” To which, numerous contributors reply in the affirmative. Are engineers not becoming scapegoats? During the company's Q1, which ended in November, Robbins said the impact had been greater than Cisco anticipated.

How come some folk keeps saying that the Webex (like IE explorer) is getting 300% jump in revenue and why it is a big deal. read more, I have a question on why some managers, directors, VPs, let some people take trips to Cisco Live, impact, RSA or get some sort of tuition relief with managers having to approve the tuition reimbursement even though it is job related. is a simple discussion board for all of us who would like to learn more about the rumors or possibility of job cuts in our company. Unique industry intelligence, management strategies and forward-looking insight delivered bi-monthly. —  —  Early Retirements for Folks who are over 50 plus have 7 years cummulative experience at Cisco 3. The workforce reduction process is inherently secretive and plagued with rumors. Cisco lie. On top of this, sh–ty politics within a small team of 10-12 people made things worse for me. “Yupp, fired this AM. The people who are there for a long time, who refuse to change or get updated, need to be removed from management positions. The next... As of July 25, Cisco had 77,500 employees globally, according to a recent SEC filing. Would great if Cisco did the same. read more, Are Cisco employees with Dalits background affected in this LRs? The company operates one of its largest corporate campuses in RTP with several thousand employees. read more.

The original was ‘archived’ so you couldn’t comment any longer.

We will be restructuring parts of our business as a result,“ a Cisco spokesperson said in a statement. Bottom line is... read more, To all those who elected to take the early retirement package or received notifications your jobs are at risk... Use of this website constitutes acceptance of our.

It is the same with Zoom. |   Privacy Policy, LCI Tech is now Ablr, a joint venture with Walk West to promote digital accessibility, Raleigh private equity firm Plexus Capital raises $502M for fifth fund.

Cisco should report the layoff statistics on how many go for ER, those layoff what are the age profiles. ROBBINS CHARLES-Chief Executive Officer-Stock Award(Grant)-Sep 17, 2020

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