(Economic Update Forecasting): 00:34 Is it possible to predict the future? And the fight is underway. Just as a Second Turning reshapes our inner world (of values, culture and religion), a Fourth Turning reshapes our outer world (of politics, economy and empire). The overt last- ditch financial debt schemes concocted by the entrenched establishment, to prolong their power and control, are unraveling and a death and rebirth of the social order through a chaotic cleansing is in the offing. The era opened with triumphant “Morning in America” individualism and drifted toward a pervasive distrust of institutions and leaders, an edgy popular culture, and the splitting of national consensus into competing “values” camps. They were not trying to be prophets of doom, but observers of history able to connect events through human life cycles of 80 or so years. I’ve often told people — if they expect to see Social Security reformed, global warming solved, and god knows what else you’re talking about on a peaceful sunny day — that big reforms come about during dark and stormy nights. Washington State Gov: Those Who Don't Cooperate Wi... UK Epidemiologist: Infection Fatality Rate Between... Israel: Iran's Cyber Attack On Water Systems 'A Ch... New York, New Jersey, Connecticut To Launch Tri-St... Will The 'Two-State Solution' Survive Annexation? Things To Come: Global Currency And Financial System. We’re entering the era when a new order violently replaces the old. Posts that are still topical can also be reposted in the appropriate forum. Howe and Strauss's first book, Generations, is the history of America told as a sequence of generational biographies. Also below is a brief essay written by Neil about the typical progression of each "Turning". But I do think there’s a broader point about inequality and this is point about creative destruction. -----------------------------------------------------, Mail to: Iran: We Have A 'Strategic Capacity' To Destroy Is... U.S. Intelligence: Iran Could Soon Attack Israel, ... Lebanon Seals New Hezbollah Backed Government, Polar Vortex Brings 'Frost Quakes' To U.S. Midwest. Iran And Syria Agree To 'Long-Term Strategic Econo... President Rivlin Warns Iran May Respond 'More Forc... Iran: Any Sign Of Attack Against Its Territory - W... Turkey Imprisioning Dissidents While Bidding For E... Netanyahu-Russia To Meet Tuesday: Syria on Agenda, Huxley's Soft Tyranny vs Orwell's Vicious Tyranny. Previously, with Peter G. Peterson, Howe co-authored On Borrowed Time, a pioneering call for budgetary reform and The Graying of the Great Powers with Richard Jackson. Violence Flares At Gaza Border: Israel Air Force L... Worldwide Persecution Update: 245 Million Christia... Israel Air Force Striking Gaza In Response To Snip... Iran Threatens War After Israel's Retaliatory Resp... Israel Refuses To Allow $15 Million Transfer Funds... Four Major Quakes Hit Indonesia In 5 Hour Period, Shots Fired At Israeli Troops On Gaza Border. They have utilized a combination of propaganda disguised as news, social media distractions, technological surveillance, misinformation campaigns, welfare to keep the poor sedated, and the continued issuance of debt to keep the masses satiated with consumer goods as their wealth dissipates. Those who practice revisionist history act as if the previous two Fourth Turning total wars were completely predictable before they began. Was wondering if Neil Howe is personally prepping for near-future financial, social violence, cultural disasters? I’ve often told people — if they expect to see Social Security reformed, global warming solved, and god knows what else you’re talking about on a peaceful sunny day — that big reforms come about during dark and stormy nights. As we enter 2019, year eleven of this ongoing Crisis, you can sense the panic and distress permeating from the pores of the establishment figures and their rich shadowy benefactors trying to maintain their unseen presence behind the curtain as they pull the strings – operating as the invisible government running the show for their own benefit. Old Fourth Turning Forum Posts. Now that we’re roughly halfway through the current Fourth Turning and things have really started to unravel here in 2020, we’ve asked Neil back on the program to update us on what to expect next: During times of peace and prosperity, inequality over time always increases. It was devised by William Strauss and Neil Howe. By joining our email marketing list you agree to receive marketing emails from Hedgeye. The combustible combination of unpayable debt, civic anarchy, and global chaos are set to detonate, creating an era of maximum darkness, death, destruction, and decisions. There are only four things which reduced inequality through history: total war, total revolution, famines, and plagues. And I’m talking about BIG reforms…reforms that actually commit society to huge new sacrifices. It always increases. As we close out this year, stock markets are gyrating wildly, central bankers are trying to reverse their nine years of interventionist strategies to sustain the establishment, civil chaos spreads across the European continent, saber rattling between the U.S., Russia and China increases, the animosity between political parties reaches new heights, the Deep State relentlessly pursues their Mueller led coup against Trump, mega-social media corporations tighten their grip on free speech by silencing conservatives, leftists push their socialist, open borders, normalizing degeneracy agenda, and global recession gains momentum as trade declines and global debt reaches unserviceable levels. – Fourth Turning Accelerating Towards Climax – May 10. That’s the reason. Rumors Of War: Tensions Increase Between India And... CDC Gives Updates On Case Fatality Rate From CV: 'Terror Wave' Expected In Israel If West Bank Anne... California Church Takes Case Of Reopening To Supre... 500 Physicians Sign Letter To Trump Warning Lockdo... Facial Recognition Progress Around The World. In Trump’s Inauguration Day speech, he painted a bleak picture of “American carnage,” of “rusted-out factories scattered like tombstones across the landscape of our nation” with “mothers and children trapped in poverty in our inner cities.”. U.S. To Contact Hardscrabble Farmer before supplies run out: China Just Launched this Attack on the USD, Alan Greenspan Warns of this U.S. Scheme to Confiscate Your Savings, The Little-Known (But Legal) IRS Tax Law to Move Your IRA or 401(k) to Gold, Wall Art to Perfectly Compliment Your Honesty may be the best policy, but it’s important to remember that apparently, by elimination, dishonesty is the second-best policy. The political distress since the 2016 election has reached levels not seen since the Civil War Crisis period. It destroys as much as it creates. You have this weird situation in America now the where interest rates are practically 0% and almost no one is doing any investing. Enter your email to receive our newsletter of 5 trending market topics. Economic distress is mounting, as the machinations of the Fed, Wall Street and the U.S. government prove to be nothing more than debt financed illusions. The mood of the populace ranges from frustrated and angry to depressed and stressed. $349 - $449 - $649 - $949 + S&H How mild or harsh it will be is anyone’s guess but the basic progression is as natural as counting down the days, weeks and months until Spring. History may not repeat, but human nature never changes, so the 80-year cycles of manmade crisis will repeat. Rumors Of War: U.S. We know the climax of this Fourth Turning is slated for around 2025. At home and abroad, these events will reflect the tearing of the civic fabric at points of extreme vulnerability – problem areas where America will have neglected, denied, or delayed needed action.” – The Fourth Turning – Strauss & Howe Explore Howe & Strauss’s methods and theories on the generations and the four turnings… What is a Generation? There was no tenth or eleventh year of the Civil War Crisis. We saw that in the 1930s. That’s the reason. Registration Confirmation: Update of Fourth Turning September 10th Please note, 5-10 minutes a confirmation will be sent from with the … Threatens 'Consequences' For Any Attempts To ... Times Of Israel Liveblogging Tuesday's Events. Explore Howe & Strauss’s methods and theories on the generations and the four turnings… What is a Generation? Plunging oil prices will throw the Russian economy into recession. Keeping the sheeple angry at each other keeps them distracted from the continued pillaging of the national wealth by the Deep State scum operating in plain sight. i don’t blame martensen at all —, Hmm, one of my favorite sayings over the last 6 or so years…, “Good or bad, right or wrong, like it or not, wealth/income inequality, if it gets bad enough, causes serious problems. The Deep State has taken extraordinary measures to try and retain their stranglehold on the wealth of the nation and control of the political, financial, social and media levers of society. For this Fourth Turning to put an end to all this would require an extremely unlikely blend of social disaster, human malevolence, … They are serious men in possession of nuclear missiles, capable of destroying the world. So we have a bifurcated market and I think that this is what has to be broken down. And I’m talking about BIG reforms…reforms that actually commit society to huge new sacrifices. Rumors Of War: China Deploys Aircraft Carriers To ... Israel Reveals Dates Of Planned West Bank Annexation, Creative Destruction In The Fourth Turning. You have this weird situation in America now the where interest rates are practically 0% and almost no one is doing any investing. Unravelings follow Awakenings, which teach the lesson that society must atomize and enjoy. Like Nature’s four seasons, the cycles of history follow a natural rhythm or pattern. Using critical thinking skills and identifying the most likely triggers for crisis: debt, civic decay, and global disorder, they were able to anticipate scenarios which could drive the next crisis, which they warned would arrive in the mid-2000 decade. In 1997, Neil and William Strauss wrote the book The Fourth Turning, which predicted America would enter a generation-long era of fundamental civic and economic transformation starting around 2010 and that the 2020s would be a decade of crisis and climax. U.S. Conducts Live-Fire Drills In Persian Gulf: 'M... British Health Officials: CV Vaccine Could Be Mand... COVID-19 Has Replaced Osama Bin Laden As Fall Guy ... Italian Politician Sara Cunial: Bill Gates A 'Vacc... Justice Dept. The American Revolution Crisis was catalyzed in 1773 when the Boston Tea Party forever changed the colonial mood towards revolution. The volcano has erupted and the molten lava could flow in numerous pathways over the next six or so years. All hedgeye products and services are subject to Hedgeye's Terms of Service available at The extreme intensity of the conflict resulted in 700,000 tragic deaths.

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