[1], [2], [3], [4], [5], [6], [7], [8], [9], [10], [11] Why was this martyrdom not recorded by anyone at that time? More evidence is required. Holy men and women continued to be recognized as such during their own lifetime; they continued to be venerated (honored) after their death; Christian people continued to ask for their prayers and to visit their shrines. We often forget the hours of prayer and scriptural study the fathers invested to yield that spiritual fruit. The view, then erroneously entertained in Rome, that the presence of such vessels (supposed to have contained the martyr’s blood) in a grave was a symbol of martyrdom, has been rejected in practice since the investigations of De Rossi. Sponsored by the Coptic Orthodox Church of St. Mark, Jersey City, NJ. ( Log Out / 

Since when does Orthodoxy believe visions of a Catholic nun without any other evidence. As an historian, I am satisfied that this article is historically correct.”, Cathy Caridi, an American Catholic Canon Lawyer, who practices law and teaches in Rome, has written an article, demonstrating that Philomena was never actually canonized by the Catholic Church, thus stating emphatically she is not a Saint in the Catholic Church. Are miracles and visions enough to make someone a Saint? I am a strong advocate for the above in all regards. Someone may ask why this article is necessary, when an elementary search in the Coptic Orthodox Synaxarium, [1] manifests that there is no trace of a saint by the name … This article will address whether ‘Saint’ Philomena, is a saint in the Coptic Orthodox Church, and whether she should be venerated as such. When someone attacked the content of the article, Dr Warren stated the following: “I stand by the authority of the old Catholic Encyclopedia on this issue. From the above excerpts, Cathy, an expert in Canon Law, makes it abundantly clear that Philomena was never canonized in the Catholic Church, there was not enough evidence to proclaim her a Saint. On the basis of alleged revelations to a nun in Naples, and of an entirely fanciful and indefensible explanation of the allegorical paintings, which were found on the slabs beside the inscription, a canon of the church in Mugnano, named Di Lucia, composed a purely fictitious and romantic account of the supposed martyrdom of St. Philomena, who is not mentioned in any of the ancient sources. They point to Catholic Churches being named after her, many books being written about Philomena, and many miracles being attributed to her. At my Church we had a church wide, ticketed event, that had the youth enact the life of Philomena in a theatric fashion.

Faith is absolutely essential.

We should not be careless and just believe anything that the people believe to be true. The process of recognizing someone as a saint is not easy. She was decanonized by Rome a while back. This article will address whether ‘Saint’ Philomena, is a saint in the Coptic Orthodox Church, and whether she should be venerated as such. But that's not my argument. If anyone can link to it it’d be appreciated. The historicity of our faith is important. It is therefore difficult to gain a clear picture about Menas. I am not saying that the nun was right in her testimony I have no proof of what she saw and I can not judge but the saints of the church were known by the congregation through the miracles they perform and through visions. Our fathers had a gift of revelation that they used to understand mysteries and articulate things beyond words.

They'd have solid evidence to do so. If Philomena was a Greek princess who was martyred by Diocletian, why is there no historical record of this courageous and amazing martyrdom? Its a Catholic innovation and it seems the article taking an alien starting point goes down another's rabbit hole. Could the martyrdom of a Greek Princess have gone totally unnoticed and absolutely forgotten? I've written an article against the heresy of her veneration. If not, St Luke as a Gospel author would not have used historically verifiable events as reference points in his Gospel and in the book of Acts. There are still updates that are happening to the synaxarium and that takes a while. Before we attempt to answer the above questions, it will be helpful to know a little bit about the history of Philomena.

I cannot speak on the will of the author, I am certain they are someone of good nature, but we need to keep it real. St Paul mentions everyone that saw Jesus after His crucifixion, proving the resurrection, in 1 Corinthians 15:1-9. Also the Catholics recognize her as a saint and once again there's that process. She's not a saint in our Church and should not be venerated as such. The Holy Orthodox Church never developed any comparable methods for canonizing her saints. Philomena and the Coptic Church. The names of hundreds of early Christian martyrs are included in early liturgical calendars, the story of their lives (exaggerated or not!)

Just wondering when St Philomena's Coptic feast date is celebrated and if there is any veneration/doxology for her? This shows the great danger of believing that miracles alone are a sign that someone is a Saint. The scholars among the Jews were confounded and Christ hand picked for himself 12 who were of lowly disposition.

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