Christian Humanism in a Post-Modern World. If you want this website to work, you must enable javascript. Saints are anything but boring. Comments are visible to subscribers only. The counsels of St. Francis de Sales are very wise, simple, practical and encouraging. Pope Benedict XVI called de Sales “a great teacher” whose influence has been “immense”; Blessed Paul VI named him the “Jewel of Savoy,” who helped lay the foundation for Vatican II’s call to universal holiness; and Pope Pius XI wrote an encyclical celebrating his life and work. Welcome! He calls the soul: come, arise my beloved, hurry! But St. Francis was undeterred. "Men go abroad to wonder at the heights of mountains, at the huge waves of the sea, at the long courses of the rivers, at the vast compass of the ocean, at the circular motions of the stars, and they pass by themselves without wondering." In 1923, Pope Pius XI named St. Francis de Sales the patron saint of Catholic writers and the Catholic press because of the tracts and books he wrote. Witnessing to the Wonder in Life and the Firmness of Truth...Victory Is Ours! I’ve read just enough to be dangerous now. He says, for example, that perfection consists more in the “striving” than the “being.”, “The Lord is equally kind when He apportions affliction as when He gives consolations.” – St. Francis de Sales. Pingback: Motherland of Mercy, Part 1 | Archangel Stomp, Pingback: Motherland of Mercy, Part II: St. Faustina Kowalska | Archangel Stomp, Pingback: Motherland of Mercy, Part III: Pope St. John Paul II | Archangel Stomp, Pingback: Journey to the Heart of Love | Archangel Stomp, Pingback: More Connections | Archangel Stomp, Pingback: Book Break: How to Be Holy | Archangel Stomp. He consecrated himself to the Blessed Virgin, promised to devote his life to God, and took a vow of chastity. On receiving his degree, he returned home and announced to his parents that he intended to become a priest. While St. Francis was full of zeal, he didn’t meet with much success.

And having gone through my formative years of catholic education without Saint Francis De Sales is tragic indeed. Francis de Sales had a gift for spiritual direction, and the timelessness and practicality of his advice remain priceless for modern Christians, subject as we are to vast temptations but still in pursuit of holiness. He is often featured with the Heart of Jesus and a Crown of Thorns.

Heart First: The Spirituality of St. Francis de Sales, library at Demontreville while making a silent retreat, Motherland of Mercy, Part 1: St. Maximilian Kolbe, Motherland of Mercy, Part 1 | Archangel Stomp, Motherland of Mercy, Part II: St. Faustina Kowalska | Archangel Stomp, Motherland of Mercy, Part III: Pope St. John Paul II | Archangel Stomp, Journey to the Heart of Love | Archangel Stomp, Book Break: How to Be Holy | Archangel Stomp, Home Away From Home and the Gift of Disillusionment. Father to five; married to one. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. I say this because at 57 years old, I had only heard of the book when I was in my 40s. ( Log Out /  Shortly after his ordination to the priesthood, St. Francis was elected provost of the Diocese of Geneva, meaning he was second in charge to the Bishop.

He was born a nobleman and his father intended for him to become a lawyer so that he could take his place as senator in Savoy, France.

His father was outraged, but Francis’s resolve was not weakened, and God soon rewarded him when the Bishop of Geneva intervened and convinced Francis’s father to allow his son to pursue his religious calling. Take a second to support us on Patreon! But Francis, offered these privileges and enticements, politely declined, announcing his attention of becoming a priest. Discipleship. The hard work of living a Christian life, he taught, comes from within, and not from living in an artificially created Christian town or community. Under his direction, sanctity seemed challenging but achievable. © Jim Thorp and Archangel Stomp, 2017. Wisdom from St. Francis de Sales. In fact, he decided to convert the some 60,000 Calvinists in the area back to the Catholic faith. He said, “It is an error, or rather a heresy, to say devotion is incompatible with the life of a soldier, a tradesman, a prince, or a married woman…. God’s will be done.

His transformation not only changed Francis’s religious outlook from despair to affirmation, but formed the basis of de Sales’s Christian spirituality, which came to be known as the Way of Divine Love—a theme at the heart of his two greatest works, Introduction to the Devout Life and Treatise on the Love of God. Once ordained, Francis became an exceptional evangelist for the post-Reformation Catholic Church, venturing into territory fiercely hostile to Catholicism, at great personal risk.
I would wish that it could be promulgated from every diocese in the world.

His terror about damnation was lifted, and he concluded that God had only good in store for him if he became a true disciple of Christ. In other words, it wasn’t a very friendly place for Catholics, especially Catholic priests. Francis obliged but was also drawn to sacred theology, attending religious discussions whenever he could. And now my son is studying Introduction to The Devout Life. Thank you for a beautiful and brief meditation on Saint Francis de Sales. From that moment, de Sales exhibited five extraordinary qualities, which have much to teach contemporary Christians: At the time he offered his life to God, Francis had already received his law degree, and his father was still trying to arrange his son’s affairs, securing his appointment as a senator and choosing a noble heiress to become his bride. In his view, a happy and long life was an infinite tragedy, if it did not end in the arms of God. Happily.

I barely scratched the surface of the lengthy introduction during our down time at the retreat, but I knew I needed to read it. I continue to read and learn more about my patron, and to pray for his and St. Jane’s intercession in my life. Chapter 1: Main Events in the Life of Francis de Sales Francis was born on 21 August 1567 in the family castle of Sales, in Thorens in the duchy of upper Savoy. “Since the heart is the source of actions, as the heart is, so they are. Reciting the “Memorare” on his knees before a statue of Our Lady of Good Deliverance at the parish of Saint-Étienne-des-Grès in Paris, Francis was overcome with feelings of peace and gratitude. 5. Evil is to be shunned, but peaceably.

Some levitated, bilocated, and saw visions of heaven and hell. Eventually, through perseverance and creativity, St. Francis was successful in converting thousands back to the Catholic faith. A signature of Francis’s theology was his belief, unusual for his time, that holiness was meant for everyone—not just a privileged few. — St. Francis de Sales. While in Italy, he enjoyed getting in sword fights and going to parties. Reflections and encouragement for those in the world, but not of it. Where could we better witness to our fidelity than in the midst of things going wrong?”– St. Francis de Sales, “Humble mildness is the virtue of virtues which Our Lord has recommended to us, and therefore we ought to practice it everywhere and always.

But he didn’t quit.

We witness to the beauty in Life and and firmness of Truth, the reality of sin and the wonder of salvation. Now Reading: He took the teachings of Christ—“Be ye therefore perfect as your heavenly Father is perfect”—and St Paul—“This is the will of God, your sanctification”—as universal commands. Gentleman Saint: St. Francis de Sales. Of course, how all this relates and leads to the Sacred Heart remains to be seen…, Featured image at the top of the post: Detail of Peinture Eveque 03184 saint François de Sales en extase (Painting Eveque 03184 Saint Francis de Sales in ecstasy), Louis François Félix Musnier, 1700s, photographed by G. Garitan, 7 August 2016, own work, CCA-SA 4.0 International, Wikimedia Commons.

Saint Francis of Sales, also called Francis De Sales, French Saint François De Sales, (born Aug. 21, 1567, Thorens-Glières, Savoy—died Dec. 28, 1622, Lyon; canonized 1665; feast day January 24), Roman Catholic bishop of Geneva and doctor of the church, who was active in the struggle against Calvinism and cofounded the order of Visitation Nuns. His father had decided that Francis would become a lawyer and sent him to the finest schools with that goal in mind. ( Log Out /  While almost always taken from within a larger context, these quotes provide convenient distillations of his rich insights on the love of God, self, others and the created order. Migne (5 vols., quarto) and Vivès (12 vols., octavo, Paris) have edited the works of St. Francis de Sales. Background in journalism, speech-writing, marketing, and PR. Log in or subscribe to join the conversation. Encouragement. Eventually the local communities relented and allowed de Sales to preach openly—and by one estimate, he brought back 70,000 former Catholics to the Church. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Jim Thorp and Archangel Stomp with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.

During one such meeting, an intense debate arose over predestination, and Francis became convinced of his damnation to hell. “See the divine lover at the gate. And he puts his hand on the lock to see whether he can open it. The counsels of St. Francis de Sales are very wise, simple, practical and encouraging. His father was forty-four, and his mother fifteen. Leave your thoughts in the comments.

Satan crushed beneath Michael's sandal may not seem the most inviting image, but Archangel Stomp is not just fiddles, beer, and raucous dancing. This great saint has captivated me ever since I learned of him a few short years ago.

I knew a bit about the man, and almost nothing about his teachings. In his mind, the baker, teacher, and officer who followed the beatitudes and lived out the cardinal virtues could attain holiness, as much as the monk or cloistered nun. His teachings on humility, confidence, perfection and love are similar to St. Therese of Lisieux, another Doctor of the Church. You are certainly right when you say that Saints are not boring! He continues to knock. St. Francis de Sales is the gentleman saint extraordinaire. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this site’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. St. Francis went to study law in Padua, Italy.

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