I love the fact that Rosalie Hale's middle name is Lillian! She is now ten years old. What are her siblings named? And I know an adult whose full name is Rosie and she works it just fine. Name Guru to the Stars: Will Grimes Call Her Baby Tesla. It's on my name list as an option. :) I think depending on the child/woman it could be seen as very beautiful, or unappealing. Rosalie "Hotsy" Totsy from the '70s sitcom Welcome Back, Kotter Rosalee, Rosalie is the French form of the Italian name Rosalia. Rosalie Sorrels, American folk singer, Rosalie Hale, teenage vampire in Stephenie Meyer's Twilight series Does this name seem like it is "trying too hard"? Usage of these forms of Rosalie was at its most widespread 118 years ago (ADOPTION OF 1.56%) and is now much diminished (ADOPTION 0.33%, DOWN 79%), with versions like Rose becoming less in vogue. Name Guru to the Stars: Naming American Royalty. Rosalina, The only thing that does bother me, is that I wouldn't ever want it shortened to Rose, I don't like that name. See also Rosa. Possibly "rose garden". Rozele, "I Can't Go On (Rosalie)" by Fats Domino Rozalie, This is my favourite variation of Rose, which is my middle name. The name combo Rosalie Lillian is making me swoon! The beautiful vampire Rosalie Hale has breathed fresh life back into this mid-century name, and the fact that the character is both sympathetic and relatively minor means Rosalie has the chance to thrive again as a baby name without feeling unduly tied to Twilight. Know a Rosalie? Her friends still call her "Rosie". It is of French origin. What are her siblings named? "Rosalie" by Bob Seger (featured on his Back in '72 album), also covered by Thin Lizzy (on their album Fighting, and again on their live album Live and Dangerous). Rosalie Bonanno, character on the TV miniseries Love, Honor, and Obey: The Last Mafia Marriage Rosalie, school principal in the movie School of Rock, played by Joan Cusack (2000 U.S. CENSUS), Rosalie reached its highest position of #153 in the U.S. during 1930-1939, and is at #208 presently. I think Rosalie is gorgeous and has a lot of nickname possibilities. I think this name is beautiful and spunky. In the mid-twentieth century, Rosalie was the name of the daughter on The Goldbergs. Sister & Brother Names. This is my two year old daughter's name. Find out more about the name Rosalie at I mostly go by Rosie at public places because it's so hard for people to understand and spell. Rosalie Crutchley, English actress Rosaley, But it's so hard for people to spell!!! Looking for the perfect name? Beautiful name. The name Rosalie is a girl's name of French origin meaning "rose". At first I thought it was a little out of left field, and that she had a grandma name. I love the name Rosalie, nn Rosie. Rozella, Know a Rosalie? I have never thought of Sally as a nn for Rosalie! Very girly and pretty. I really like this, but greatly prefer the pronunciation Rose-uh-lee over Raw-zuh-lee. I teach a girl named Rosalie. More recently, Rosalie is a character on Grimm. Rosalia is a saint's name. I'm not sure if I like this name or not.To me, the spelling appeals more than the sound, but the spelling is VERY appealing and putting this on my list of possibilities. This is cute and precious, but I couldn't imagine this on anyone over 12 years old. I don't understand why you say that. Rosaline, The name Rosalie means Beautiful Rose and is of French origin. All: Name: Home > Rosalie ♀ Rosalie.

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