Though highly venomous, the redback spider won’t bite unless its web is disturbed, and its venom can be treated with ice, a painkiller, and in intense cases, a trip to the hospital to get an anti-venom. animals and insects, and the redback spider is one of them. Redback spiders are found throughout Australia and are common in disturbed and urban areas.. Redback Spider Identification. The redback spider’s venom is a neurotoxin (a poisonous substance that affects nerve cells) called latroxin. An antivenom has been available since 1956. The best studied is the vertebrate-specific alpha-latrotoxin, although there are also “latroinsectotoxins” (targeting the spider’s natural prey) and other low molecular weight proteins of uncertain significance. Redback, (Latrodectus hasselti), species of comb-footed spider (family Theridiidae) that is native to Australia, the females of which are venomous and distinguished by … The venom is injected into the victim via the redback’s hollow fangs. Redback Spider Venom. Redback Spider venom probably contains multiple toxins. Red back spider bite Redback spider venom. The redback spider bite is painful and the pain increases rapidly, progressing up the affected limb and lasting at least 24 hours. The redback venom is a neurotoxin that works directly on the nerves. Redback bites are the most common serious spider bite in Australia. Initially, a bite from a redback may feel like nothing more than a pinprick. It is not to be confused with the unrelated and highly venomous redback spider ( Latrodectus hasselti ). Phidippus johnsoni, the red-backed jumping spider, is one of the largest and most commonly encountered jumping spiders of western North America. Introduction. Australia is known for its large (and sometimes scary!) Redback bite symptoms.

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