During the flood, water rose as fast as 3.5 feet in 15 minutes. Blocks of asphalt and concrete were strewn over manystreets and wreckage across the’ city was coated with mud. NWS warnings are transmitted to a regional site where they are sent to the NOAA Weather Wire System satellite. 90 was cut off north and west of the city and nearly all secondary loads were impassable. On the evening of June 9, 1972, heavy thunderstorms caused devastating flash flooding throughout Rapid City and the eastern foothills of the Black Hills—destroying homes, vehicles, businesses, and bridges, and claiming 238 lives. Carter, Janet M., Joyce E. Williamson, and Ralph W. Teller. Homes in the Cleighborn and Canyon Lake areas were either washed away or severly damaged. Brainerd Daily Dispatch . Since 1972, the number of sites routinely reporting precipitation information has increased to 94. "...the only thing above water is the hilltops. Journal, Rapid City. R-3 (FS) / Rapid City Urban Renewal Agency. The Journey Museum is holding an online event today from 4 to 5 p.m. MT, where historian Corey Christianson hosts a ZOOM presentation about the events of June 9th and 10th 1972 and the recovery effort in the years that followed. In 1972, the primary duties of the National Weather Service (NWS) office in Rapid City were taking hourly surface observations and twice-daily upper air observations, issuing local storm warnings, and providing local forecasts to the media. All NOAA. Sorry, the location you searched for was not found. Black Hills Flood of June 9, 1972, pp. As thinly spread as helpers and officials were, all the flood plain housing or rather what was left, was marked with an “X” for condemned and an “S” for searched and that includes what was remaining in the east side, then the machines came and buried everything, scraping the land clean in all flood plains. Robert Pryor, a 51‐year‐old mail carrier who lived in the West Boulevard Trailer Court, said all 200 mobile homes in the court were swept away. [1], The intense rain began on the afternoon of June 9 and continued until after midnight on June 10. The authorities said that the bodies of many victims were found in trees, cars, homes and roadside ditches. Peak flows reached to near 50,000 CFS in normally placid Rapid Creek. Instruments that record and transmit temperature, precipitation, wind, humidity, and river-level data are scattered throughout the region. Other stations that were monitoring the secondary stations would repeat the process. damn…I need to put a length cap on these comments…. Average annual flood damage is around $7.8 billion with an average of 94 deaths. 9:30 pm – NWS informed radio and television stations that the heavy rain will continue until about midnight. The lake remained dry until 1932 when the land was donated to Rapid City and the Works Projects Administration (WPA) rebuilt the lake. After repeated asking of what i did not possess in meager eleven year old boy pocket change, i was then from a seemingly friendly fellow towards a young boy, abruptly cursed by every un-Christian English vocabulary word known to mankind..After exiting a local retailer shop to which we hid away in out of shear frightened terror, we witnessed back across the street on the corner of RCC, our old sweet smelling red man friend down on his hands and knees , sobbing and crying before two R.C. The flood resulted in over 3,000 people being injured. I didn't touch him or nothing, I just went back and told the authorities where he was at. [11] The total cost of the 1972 Black Hills flood totaled $165 million, including infrastructure and utilities. I have difficulty imagining only a white man hanging out or patronizing only, such an establishment of young Indian girls and /or women ? To determine the stage, or how deep the water is at a given location, river gauges are used. the city were operating.on Civil Defense bands because.. most of their regular transmission facilities were knocked out. A 9 P.M. curfew was declared after reports of looting and gunfire in the city. In 1972, hourly observations of temperature, dewpoint, wind speed and wind direction, sky condition, visibility, current weather, and barometric pressure were taken by a human observer. An excerpt from the newspaper reads, "Operation Family Treasure' may provide hope for people.' He and” other officials said it might be several days before the extent of deaths and damage would be known. In addition to taking a photograph or measuring infrared energy, the satellite sensors also detect the amount of water vapor in the air (image on the right). The information was recorded on a paper form and disseminated to other users on a teletype machine. The 8-inch standard non-recording rain gauge has been used since 1891 as the official precipitation measuring device. This page was last edited on 9 September 2019, at 04:39. “Now we're worried about water contamination,” said Donald Kosmicki,” a spokesman for St. John McNamara Hospital. A total of 1,335 homes were ruined, and 2,820 homes were damaged. National Weather Service US Dept of Commerce Here is information about flood safety. Peak flow was 50,600 cubic feet per second, more than 10 times greater than the previous flood of record. [7] The storm was described by Nair, Hjelmfelt, and Pielke as "convective cells of high precipitation efficiency a characteristic of tropical precipitation systems. DCPs transmit data to these meteorological satellites, which in turn relay information to a remote computer for analysis. 525 University Loop, Suite 202 Rapid City, SD 57701(605) 716-0058   [email protected], © Copyright 2018. However, data collection platforms (DCPs) are electronic devices connected to river or rain gauges to automatically record stage and precipitation data. Schwarz, Francis K., Lawrence A. Hughes, and E. Marshall Hansen (NWS) and M. S. Petersen and Donovan B. Kelly (USGS), 1975: The Black Hills-Rapid City Flood of June 9-10, 1972: A Description of the Storm and Flood.

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