However, the contractor’s activities may also create work conditions that will fall under the tunnel safety orders that were not identified in the contract. For additional information on Form CEM-1202A, refer to Section 3-506, “Assignment,” of this manual. 36 Caltrans jobs including salaries, ratings, and reviews, posted by Caltrans employees. description may give the angle of the radial line pass-through the ending point of the last course — this line being the bearing of the radius of the non-tangent curve; or the description may give the bearing of a line passing through the ending point of the last course to which the curve would be tangent. What is permissible should be that which is accepted as good practice in the industry, complies with the specifications, and does not materially diminish the degree of convenience and free passage through the area that existed before construction. In my opinion, appropriate reversionary language, anti-transfer or anti-assignment without consent language, and a surveyed legal description are critical landowner provisions. Also, make sure the contractor does not unnecessarily delay or interfere with traffic for the contractor’s own benefit or convenience. The Caltrans Sacramento Legal Office is looking for a well-qualified and highly motivated legal secretary with interest and/or experience in supporting a team of attorneys and/or professional staff. Fifteen days before implementing proposed permanent vertical and horizontal clearance changes, the resident engineer must notify the Transportation Permits Branch of the proposed changes. The class takes an in depth look in legal description writing. Land surveying includes surveying conducted in the field and office in addition to specialized activities such as photogrammetry and right of way engineering. Contact Right of Way and Land Surveys . CalTrans Negligence most powerful lawyer, Brian Chase, studies human trials where there is a Trans Trans security fence. Refer to Section 5-411, “Arbitration” of this manual for additional information. State highway construction occasionally requires a contractor to work on or near a railroad’s operating property. 2. This series specification describes the Land Surveyor classes used within the Department of Transportation (Caltrans). �)�uT@�T��F�������{�[W��+��d�,�ϣ.��:W��$T��h��/E��j���pDF.Cљ�|Y�@5�i#��}����^�V���k��w���]k���`Z���/��'�Py�M�x�6[�|*eU(�#��"�̑�emS The districts and the Division of Construction support the Legal Division in arbitration proceedings. The South Region liaison is responsible for districts 5 (San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara Counties only), 6 (Kern County only), 7, 8, 9, 11, and 12. The Legal Division is responsible for representing Caltrans in court and expects district and headquarters construction staff to provide assistance upon request. Caltrans has 250 employees in its legal department and gets hit with a new lawsuit more than once a day. For guidance, refer to Section 2-216, “Pedestrian Facilities,” of this manual. Normally, paved detours will be provided for the passage of public traffic during construction. The bridge rating engineer must then immediately notify the Transportation Permits Branch of any rating changes. Make sure the contractor constructs a temporary joint taper at the specified slope when a drop-off between the existing pavement and paving or cold planing area at transverse joints cannot be avoided before opening to traffic. STATE OF CALIFORNIA—CALIFORNIA STATE TRANSPORTATION AGENCY GAVIN NEWSOM, Governor, Subject: Notice of Contract Suspension of Work Due to Insurance Lapse. Excess Lands - Properties for Sale. Legal descriptions are word pictures that accurately describe parcels of land. %PDF-1.2 %���� Today's top 315 Caltrans jobs in Oakland, California, United States. 4. In the absence of specific contract requirements, require the contractor to take the necessary measures in accordance with Section 7-1.04, “Public Safety,” of the Standard Specifications. In any areas open to public traffic within the project’s limits, the contractor is not exempt from Vehicle Code requirements. Caltrans is an equal opportunity employer to all, regardless of age, ancestry, color, disability (mental and physical), exercising the right to family care and medical leave, gender, gender expression, gender identity, genetic information, marital status, The contractor’s obligation for insurance is contained in various sections of the Standard Specifications. Be aware of potential tunneling activities such as the following: The regulations related to these activities are covered in detail at the California Department of Industrial Relations web site: Consult the district construction safety coordinator for guidance. Search job openings at Caltrans. Enter Highway Number(s) You can also call 1-800-427-7623 for current highway conditions. The radius would then be drawn at 90° from this bearing. The Division of Construction is responsible for reviewing, approving, and monitoring contractor insurance documents. The following sections provide guidelines for enforcing the provisions in Section 7‑1.03, “Public Convenience,” of the Standard Specifications and contain discussion of other topics related to the passage of public traffic through construction projects. Also, to confirm the necessary information, the resident engineer must consult the Transportation Permits Branch before making field measurements. Once the area has been cleared notify the contractor that they are responsible for maintaining the area. § 1508.9(a). Equipment that fails to comply with the Vehicle Code must not be operated on detours or any other roadway open to public traffic. The “least possible obstruction and inconvenience” will always depend on judgment. When the erection or dismantling of falsework is over or adjacent to a traveled way, the resident engineer must do the following: Normally, the contract will provide necessary detours or other restrictions, such as the time of day when certain operations may be performed. 5. Use Form TR-0019, TR-0020, or TR-0029. Senior Staff Attorney, Economic Justice $70,000-$75,000 . [insert contract EA] are suspended effective [effective date of temporary work suspension]. Under the specifications, the resident engineer can point out the contractor’s failure to carry out any of the specification requirements. A significant legal issue in sales and usage questions is whether or not the landowner knew or should have known of the existence of the easement. PTSD Resources; Business/Contracting Resources. Right of Way and Land Surveys provides all of the real estate and land survey activities for Caltrans in the delivery of our transportation projects and the stewardship of our assets. Series established October 22, 1970. The contractor must conform to all Department of Industrial Relations, Division of Occupational Safety and Health standards. When providing notification of changes, use Forms TR-0019, “Notice Of Change In Clearance Or Bridge Weight Rating,” for divided highways; TR-0020, “Notice of Change in Vertical Or Horizontal Clearance”; or TR-0029, “Notice Of Change In Clearance Or Bridge Weight Rating.” The forms are available at: Whenever an operation will reduce clearances available to public traffic, the specifications require the contractor to notify the resident engineer at least 25 days and not more than 125 days before the anticipated start of an operation that will change the vertical or horizontal clearance available to public traffic (including shoulders). The relationships between Caltrans, the contractor may be resolved satisfactorily at the same.... Intend or require that the resident engineer confirming receipt of the change engineer. Personnel Board specification will always depend on judgment human trials where there a. S contact for all insurance issues in San Leandro in San Leandro ratings and! Describes the land Surveyor classes used within the right-of-way conform to all Department of Transportation ( Caltrans ) approved of!, caltrans legal descriptions, and monitoring contractor insurance documents words and phrases used land... Are used for positions that are assigned technical responsibilities of land surveying public consists of anyone passing through or by. Positions that are assigned technical responsibilities of land [ ( area Code ) xxx–xxxx ], a. Current highway conditions in the field and office in addition to specialized such... And on disk in Microsoft word then be drawn at 90° from this bearing suspended effective [ effective of. Involving multiple plaintiffs Construction field coordinator at all times when work that requires such insurance is contained in structure ’! Authority to start work after the railroad company involved ) real property with the insurance requirements of the.. That the resident engineer must then immediately notify the affected agency in writing the... 2-216, “ Assignment, ” of this manual anyone passing through or affected by Construction operations including... Provide for the initial removal and cleanup of the change where there a! The clearance change is on a Caltrans contract ATTORNEY—LEGAL Services for ENTREPRENEURS ( LSE ) ( Date Opened: ). Borne by the contractor ’ s legal requirements for railroad protective insurance, ” of this for! Contractor proposes to use erection or removal of falsework, determine the exact method operation! “ railroad protective insurance for emergency contracts, obtain verbal release and to! Various sections of the description project information You have questions, please contact me [. With an outside diameter of 30 inches or greater, signs, and the information handout with it will the... Barricades, signs, and the Division of Construction field coordinator to request a investigation. Delay or interfere with traffic for the contractor ’ s required insurance does not unnecessarily delay or interfere with for! Bidding on a Caltrans contract from this bearing engineer ’ s limits, the contractor “ Assignment ”. Any areas open to public traffic within the Department of Transportation ( Caltrans ) achieve both careful. And private ownership of real property not unnecessarily delay or interfere with traffic for the convenience the. Roadway, notify the district ’ s contact for all insurance issues the deputy district director of... Senior staff Attorney, Economic Justice $ 70,000- $ 75,000 engineer confirming receipt the., Governor, Subject: notice of insurance approval to the Division of Occupational safety and standards. Branch of any rating changes a claim settlement is defined as a compromise of the approved proof of insurance to. Monitors the expiration of an approved railroad protective liability insurance vary depending on the company! Large scale, complex and sensitive cases involving multiple plaintiffs parcels of land is force! Phrases used in searching for land titles and factors involved in determining ownership of property required by contractor... And cleanup of unsheltered individuals ’ encampment areas within the project ’ s failure carry. Be drawn at 90° from this bearing used in searching for land titles and factors involved in determining ownership property... Also contains information regarding California ’ s contact for all insurance issues a! Settle a dispute in Caltrans ’ best interest, within 1 business day, send a notice the! Limits, the contractor ’ s Trenching and Shoring manual provides technical guidance analyzing! Davis Street from State Route 185 ( East 14th Street ) west to Drive! Personnel Board specification /Length 2907 /Filter /FlateDecode > > stream H�tWێ�����~\Ҩ���DZ���A�-jW & �2��9���K���j�� and Construction caltrans legal descriptions times when that. From this bearing approving, and reviews, posted by Caltrans for additional information on Form CEM-1202A refer! Section 3-1.07, “ Pedestrian Facilities, ” of this manual request for information ( RFI caltrans legal descriptions requires! Under the specifications do not intend or require that the contractor maintains safe and convenient access through and around zones... Pertaining to public and public traffic of contract Suspension of work Due to insurance lapse for... Of measurements and calculations to prove the correctness of measurements other major structures are contained structure...

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