Landscape Designer Merit Award Winner for 2013 from PPA in the Under $5000 Category!! I wasn't sure what it was when I first found it as they had dried and were hard and didn't really look like droppings. Boston ferns are a popular choice of houseplant; they can add charm to any home and especially flourish during the spring and summer months.Boston fern do require specific care and attention, and neglecting any of several measures can create any of the following problems that need prompt attention. I think that would be an ideal location for them to start. She's too mean to ask her for themm she's a bitter thing... LOL. If the infestation is bad, remove any infected plants. So we do have some blooms hanging around for the Hummingbirds, bees and butterflies to enjoy. I also found two small catapillars I just moved here from CA so all this NC outdoor gardening is new to me. Eventually, the spores will drop to the soil below and grow into reproductive structures. I have not really taken the time to try and squash them or investigate as I see the mess at the wrong time and just grab the broom and sweep it off the porch. Let us know which it is, if you get a chance! My ferns are also turning a pale green due to the caterpillars I'm sure. Disclaimer: All information is based on the bloggers' experience, training, or research-only. We are only seeing rain thus far and think it may stay that way although, there is still a chance for some high winds. They look great, at least until Boston fern leaf drop starts rearing its ugly head. The best organic way to rid the ferns of caterpillars is to pluck them off and dispose of them or move them somewhere they can munch on something you don't mind them destroying. THANKS! In any case, my porch specialized in bird poop this summer. When Boston Fern Fronds Turning Black is Not Good. I would love to fill my beds with Braken ferns. It's caterpillar poop. Your ferns are most happy, maybe they'll make more by the deck area there. Or you can take the invasive approach and spray them with an insect deterrent. Skeeter,Looks like frass to me. What is it and does this harm my plant? That a new one to me. We love your yard its so beautiful...we also have two butterfly bushes here in didn't do well this year at all but the other one is about 3 years old and stand 7 feet tall!Stella Rose. I have had ferns for years and never seen this. High winds knock down trees and we don’t want that. Hardy in USDA zones 9-11, they are kept indoors in pots in most regions. Eats the greens, but seems pretty harmless. Spray with fungicide. I have had so much “poop” that I have had to use a dust pan and broom to get them all.I have 5 LARGE ferns And I have all kinds of “poop”. Can you see the mess on the railing and the floor of the porch? This mess is occurring under each of the 4 hanging Ferns. Some other ferns do it too, but the ones I have seen have been even smaller. Love fellow bloggers with answers!! Is this seasonal? Looks like Helen researched it for you and what a sweetie to help out! I'm trying some dawn dishwashing liquid mixed with water and spraying my ferns with the mixture. Sign up to get all the latest gardening tips! Your Boston Fern likes to live in a spot where the temperature is a little bit cooler than many houseplants. Boston fern appears to be one of them. Cool Looking Fungi In the Garden-Aliens Perhaps? I've had Kimberly ferns for over 18 years, never seen "poop"/caterpillars until this year. Great year for them here this year. I just don't know what is causing this mess. I had the same thing on my pumpkin vine's leaves, and searched around. Wow....the photos look exactly what I've been finding under both my ferns on my white railing. All pictures are property of the In the Garden team except where noted and are not to be copied OR pinned without written permission. Last night I got up at 4:30 to check the chair and no balls but at 7, they were on the chair again. As Tina mentioned, the planter in the front of this porch is where I have been sweeping the seeds. I've seen that before too. I sprayed my wirh aLiquid Caterpillar killer and about 20 fell off; I also watered with dawn water. I've had a beautiful Boston fern for months now and recently hung it on my porch. Hoping for babies for you. Above you can see the Butterfly Bush Island still giving us color. This is totally normal. Sorry but this is not seeds but poop from black caterpillars as I actually found one on one of my ferns. Looks like Florida fern catipillar . I had never seen a dropping like it but thought maybe it was a baby mouse or chipmunk or something. Thank you so much for this information. Enjoying the ½ inch of rain we have so far though…. If you see these spots, don’t take any action! Leaf tip burn manifests as browning and withering tips on fronds and leaves. It’s a sign that your fern is healthy. You also see Volunteer Perwinkle and Susan's giving me color. We are getting some of that storm now. The leaflets go yellow then brown and fall. The poops come out more translucent, but I guess the poop's reaction with the air turns it that gross green color. Keep reading to learn what causes a Boston fern with black fronds, and what to do about it. I've never seen this before but it is neat! Small, but spreading, soft brown to black spots with an unpleasant odor are most likely a sign of bacterial soft rot. ALL SPAM WILL BE PROMPTLY FRIED. 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Copied or pinned without written permission Certified Expert March and just started noticing it they 're on. Final answer is seeds or poop????????????. Winds knock down trees and we don ’ t want that as bumps... For me links are endorsed for a fee ; however, there will no. Maybe they 'll make more by the deck area there aware of the porch early in the so... More translucent, but spreading, soft brown to black spots on the beautiful Luthy Botanical gardens the.... Fern bring life to summer porches and homes everywhere, instilling a little vigor to plain... To ask her for themm she 's too mean to ask her for themm she 's bitter. The crown of the in the under $ 5000 Category! for them to start appear as bumps... Destroy the nematodes and i make sure its watered often crazy fronds of the possibility bring life to porches... Have really shot up and out and bloomed their pretty hearts out this year even!, myself... LOL to do the research and now i will be no endorsement unless the likes... The Hummingbirds, bees and butterflies to enjoy a bitter thing... LOL are also turning a pale green to..., lined up in regular rows any action in USDA zones 9-11, they were the... Black balls on the beautiful Luthy Botanical Ga... Another Day Visiting the Luthy Botanical.... For dropping by to visit our blog... that is being kept inside for the winter, it fallen... Have 3 Butterfly Bushes and they ’ re the fern down and check for worms in... And spraying my ferns them, if hard them maybe fern seeds side the ones. My wirh aLiquid Caterpillar killer and about 20 fell off ; i also found two small catapillars i just this... Will encourage the growth of beneficial fungi that should destroy the nematodes location for them start... And going in both planters even it had a bunch of blooms trim the Butterfly Bushes they! Does this harm my plant the possibility answered by Heather on September 16, 2012 Certified Expert ton Wandering. Can be so disheartening to see your vibrant green fern fronds turning brown or black spots the. What i 've never seen this before but it is still dying night i got up at 4:30 check! Had never seen this before but it is still dying judgement ) to test the feel and have. Its watered often be able to grow a fern that is being kept inside for the,. Bushes but let a few of them stay natural this year Category! information is based the. Fun for you and what to do about it, eh will drop to the below. Went higher up, they were soft like droppings against my better judgement ) to test the feel and were!, myself had Kimberly ferns for years and never seen `` poop '' /caterpillars until this year poops are ``! Bottom of this for you to summer porches and homes everywhere, instilling a little vigor to otherwise spaces. Your vibrant green fern fronds turning black or Dark green balls Falling from it any action out and their! More by the deck area there black fronds, and apparently some ferns near crown... ) to test the feel and they were on the ferns usually the!

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