I mean it is a decision for the person who is actually selling it. The former employment minister who is a backbencher now, Eric Abetz, has challenged Malcolm Turnbull to have the political will to support further workplace relations reform and says it should’ve been on the agenda at the election and it should be embraced now. Why is that you've been so ineffective at convincing that party and the other crossbenches to support some of your measures? What we want to make sure that we are as a nation going forward is a country that lives within its means.

Karvelas has presented Radio National's program RN Drive since January 2015 and from 2018 she has hosted Afternoon Briefing, a national affairs television program on the ABC News 24 channel.. She previously worked for The Australian newspaper, covering federal politics, and Karvelas, a weekly program on Sky News Australia. We’ve said it’s important for everyone to be able to access, at a minimum, 18 weeks of full minimum pay for your paid parental leave.
But do you consider that consulting an office? It helps to reduce the amount of welfare the government's paying. But making it kind of fun is the other thing that podcasting allows.”, “At the start, we knew each other a bit, but we were not best mates. She spent her childhood with her parents in Australia. For showing too much skin, ABC’s prominent reporter Patricia Karvelas was kicked out of Question Time in … Instead, I'm only interested in focusing on the issues that the Australian people have elected us as a government to deal with. Is it the sales job that you think is the problem or do you think that some of the policies themselves were problematic? Moreover, she has showcased her talents in many fields in her 20 year career. We eat a diverse range of meals; the kids love spaghetti Bolognese, and we love laksa and dhal.

If it didn't, you wouldn't be human. But I have to keep reminding [myself] that the vast majority of people on Twitter are not like that. That is a policy that is now off the table. Do you support main's testing to try and take control of the sustainability of these payments? This was about the previous government trying to set the rates of pay for family operators of these small businesses. I’m not saying you’re being dishonest, I know you’re very passionate about the ABCC, but I’m saying on the issue of the fact you wanted to be talking about that, and that didn’t happen.

The Cabinet took a decision to make sure that there was an import ban on these specific firearms being brought into the country. So yours wasn't as much of a promise because it wasn't in the brochures?

I'm not going to say that families are to blame for that. “Sometimes it wears you down. Is it fair that foreign aid is the first place this government seems to keep going to make cuts? But we have to be realistic that as a Government, there are certain agenda items which we have committed to doing and delivering on.

The Labor Party didn’t have a superannuation policy going into the last election, they said you’re going to need to wait until after the election for us to announce what our superannuation policy is.

Just on a specific question on this – Peta Credlin writes today that the advisers often receive hundreds of emails a day and a CC’d note hardly constitutes "in full knowledge", which is the language that the Prime Minister used in the Parliament. The Government’s role is simply to say whether or not somebody is actually qualified to be able to make the purchase and for foreign investors, they need to satisfy the Treasurer that their bid will not be contrary to Australia’s national interest.
I'm employed and I serve the Australian people to make sure that we take and put forward the national interest and not get caught up in commentary around the Prime Minister's chief of staff or matters like that because you know what, I don't think it matters to the average Australian, it doesn't matter to me. A Short Bio of Patricia Karvelas: An elegant reporter Karvelas was born and raised by her parents in Australia. PATRICIA KARVELAS: Tony Abbott’s interventions hijacked the government’s agenda this week. Patricia Karvelas. I'm asking you this in a philosophical frame work if you like, that there has been an expectation that the tax payer provides a level of support that is unsustainable? Unfortunately, Chris Bowen and the Labor party simply are not credible when it comes to budget commentary. They are interested in the world around them. And why will they be impacted?

So trying to tell those stories in a really accessible way is key to what we try to do. The Prime Minister last week responded to attacks on his chief of staff Peta Credlin, saying that if her name was spelled P-E-T-E-R, ie, she was a man, there'd be a different level of scrutiny on her and that the prism in which you see some of the criticisms is one through the gaze of …

They are, but you can’t get much traction with them because of this distracting issue. Starting from 2015, Karlevas also began working with Radio National where she is assigned to host popular shows including RN’s Sunday Extra and ABC’s The Drum She has been dedicated towards journalism for over a decade now and her professionalism and brilliance just doesn’t seem to stop peaking.

On superannuation reform, you’ve got a different deal that you’re putting forward. Look, I have some sympathy for aid groups.

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