[Washington, D.C.: One of the primary distinguishing characteristics of Alexandrian thought is the allegorical interpretation of Scripture. Gregory's warm admiration for his teacher is clear: he writes, "In my estimation there arose but one object dear and worth desire - to wit philosophy, and that master of philosophy, that divine man." does not consider that it is the principle of just - but not excessive

more reasons than one for such a law. Origen’s debt to Holy Scripture is obvious; he quotes the bible at great length, often drawing together seemingly disparate passages to make a profound theological point. This loving letter from a departing pupil describes Origen's curriculum and his relationship with students at the school in Alexandria. Origen's controversial views on the pre-existence of souls, the ultimate salvation of all beings and other topics eventually caused him to be labeled a heretic, yet his teachings were highly influential and today he is regarded as one of the most important early church fathers. [13] See further: While Origen’s opposition to Gnosticism precluded any doctrinal influence, he saw in Gnosticism the value of a system, for it was precisely by virtue of their elaborate and self-consistent systems that the Gnostics were successful in gaining adherents. particularly related to the struggles of the more advanced Christians. be the final state for the saved at the end (see Decock 2011).
According to Origen, God’s first creation was a collectivity of rational beings which he calls logika.

notice, agreeably to the statements of Scripture, how the opposing powers, or the devil himself, contends with the human; race, inciting and instigating, men to sin.” A fundamental point which Origen wants to make is that of, human freedom.

Around 218, Origen received another invitation to teach Christianity to an interested pagan; this time from the Empress Julia Mammaea, the mother of Emperor Alexander Severus. of UP/DOWN and CONTAINER schemas in conceptualizations of Christian doctrine by Law.
figure as we recall the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. Leonides personally educated his brilliant son in both Hellenistic and Biblical studies, and often found himself unable to answer Origen's probing questions regarding the latter. African culture and identity is therefore relevant in fashioning a solution(s) to African problems. (Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 1989) 418. Rather than repeat these I will leave them to one side and attempt to explain For Origen, some sort of continuity between the present body, and the body in the age to come, was maintained (Jerome, Epistle to Avitus 7, quoting Origen; see also Commentary on Matthew 11.17). The more the human intelligence, grows in harmony with the Logos, the clearer will be its discernment and. ", Christopher Lewis, "Origen: Perennial Principiis and Gregory of Nyssa's, Anthony Meredith, "Origen and Gregory It focuses on the epistemological nature of this turntowards aesthetics, arguing that aesthetics with its profound notion of beauty (with goodnessand joy as its corollaries), is increasingly reappraised as a legitimate, but different kind andsource of knowledge.

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