NGTL System - Services & Tariffs Transportation Services on the NGTL System. Receipt tolls on NGTL are location-specific and are subject to pricing floors and ceilings. Official CER documents related to the traffic, tolls and tariffs for NGTL can be found here: NGTL toll documents [Folder 554137]. NGTL operated under revenue requirement settlements for 2010 to 2018. Cheyenne Plains; Colorado Interstate Gas; Elba Express; El Paso Natural Gas; Horizon Pipeline; KM Illinois Pipeline; KM Louisiana Pipeline; Midcontinent Express; Mojav The NGTL System is governed according to regulations outlined by the Canada Energy Regulator (CER).. On June 25, 2018, TC Energy Corporation announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary, NOVA Gas Transmission Ltd. (NGTL), had received National Energy Board (NEB) approval for its 2018-2019 Revenue Requirement Settlement, which establishes the annual costs required to operate the NGTL System. Gas - Transportation Tariff - Temporary Service Protocol In this decision, the CER considered an application (the “Application”) by NOVA Gas Transmission Ltd. (“NGTL”) with the CER’s predecessor, the National Energy Board (“NEB”), for amendments to the NGTL tariff to incorporate a Temporary Service Protocol. - For billing purposes,10³m³ units are used to Receipt Services and GJ units are for Delivery services However, NGTL is required to file its Tariff and all amendments with the Canada Energy Regulator (CER). NGTL Fuel Usage and Measurement Variance (MVAR) Percentage UPDATED: Oct 20, 2020 NGTL Station Percent Utilization - Report UPDATED: Oct 21, 2020 NGTL System Utilization UPDATED: Oct 15, 2020 System Receipts and Deliveries UPDATED: Oct 21, 2020 TC Energy’s NGTL System is connected to one of the largest supply basins on the continent, the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin (WCSB), and is also well positioned to attract emerging supply for delivery to … The documents filed with the CER constitute the official version of NGTL's Tariff and are conclusive in the event of a discrepancy between the filed version and the version on this site. - Rates are payable in Canadian dollars. Disclaimer: The pricing and tolls information included on this website is intended to be used for planning purposes only and although TC Energy endeavours to maintain the information in such a way that is accurate and current, it may not provide accurate results. Abandonment funding. Section updated June 2020 - Aggregate charges for service will be determined in accordance with the NGTL System tariff and as such, shall include the applicable abandonment surcharge (s). Interstate.

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