‘Me and Ricky’ is a song from the musical ‘The Theory of Relativity’ that Amy sings. Album The Theory of Relativity. Julie’s Song Lyrics. "The Theory Of Relativity" lyrics. 6.2K 15. Footprint Lyrics [RYAN] So you're cruising along at college, ... Me & Ricky 15. A Grand Night for Screaming- "Me and Ricky"- Monica - YouTube Promise Me This 16. Promise Me This 16. Album The Theory of Relativity. Ok, listen my friends I've got something to say. Album The Theory of Relativity. Me & Ricky Lyrics. 5.9K 16. ... Me & Ricky 15. Promise Me This Lyrics [MIRA] My mom and I were always close, ... Me & Ricky 15. Stars Lyrics "The Theory Of Relativity" Set your mind on mine for the part Before they catch you baby And never be just what they want you to be Now that you’ve grown so wise Use that head and stop to think a little Just cause you’re crazy doesn’t mean that you’re free Promise Me This Lyrics. Julie's Song Lyrics.

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