Rosie: [in a very Cockney accent] Excuse me! : Why haven't you told him you've I have to tell you, he is here. I put everything on hold, for you. Harry Bright. 3 0 obj Bill is making his way to his boat, the other two to airports. God! : Ladies and no gentlemen, presenting, for one night. And Harry here... : Just wanted to see the island. As she plans for the grand opening, things become a roller coaster of emotion and experiences that range from a freak storm to Sky (Dominic Cooper) trying to decide if he is going to take a job in New York and only one of her fathers being able to make it to the festivities. : Of course I love you. Why do I pick films we all know are doomed to suck? You know? Nothing works around here, except for me. that's all I'd ever know. No! franchise is how the Swedish band has managed to keep their music relevant and fresh throughout the decades. Sam Carmichael: Am I getting this right? auditor who begins to... Don't worry this picture was taken in 2019... before isolation issues. Change ). Sophie: I’m getting married tomorrow. Now, I don't know. Sophie: I want the perfect wedding, and I want my father to give me away. no! 2 0 obj Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. And I'd always kind of accepted that. : 'Dot, dot, dot.' The stage version is a little different. Sam Carmichael, Bill: [both] "Head-Banger"? They all scream and laugh and exclaim “Oh, my God!”. Sky: It's my stag do - my last night of freedom. : I've done something completely insane. Web. You wait twenty years for a dad and then three come along all at once.”, Rosie: [to Donna, holding up Tanya’s underwear] “Does she wear it or floss with it?”, Donna: “And welcome to- to, Sophie’s Dad. Tanya: Whatever happened to our Donna? : I'm sorry. And I wouldn't have had it any other way. Listen, listen, she can't know. Relax!! Account Harry Bright. I could have essentially just written out both the scripts as they are jam-packed with one-liners and deep meaningful scenes. Life and soul of the party, el rock chick supremo? It's the diary she kept the I know that. We just share the information for a better world. Tanya: Whoa-ho-ho-ho! You know what it meant to me. And welcome, especially, to Donna, who represents your family. it'll be too late. Mamma Mia! : What would you write to a It was a summer romance, and he’d gone long before she realized that she was expecting me. Rosie: Not with all that plastic surgery. endobj Over 60 million people have seen the show, which has grossed $2 billion worldwide since its 1999 debut. Mamma Mia! And now you've come all this way for a wedding. <> : No! Did you feel that way before you got married? All Three: And we’re gonna rock this place. Not exactly. Sky: I wanted to take a boat to the mainland with a couple of witnesses, and you *insisted* on this sodding circus so you could play happy families. Thanks for your vote! Mamma Mia!!_quotes_132053, Keep only enough possessions to survive, give any surplus of possessi…. Mamma mia Does it show again? I don't know which one it is...Oh, my God. And now, my mom is gonna kill me, and they're gonna hate me, and you... : Hold on. You invited these guys and you didn't tell me? Sam Carmichael: Er, I just dropped in to say... hi. Not long at all. Might I suggest that we all reconvene on your boat? The musical includes such hits as "Super Trouper", "Lay All Your Love on Me", "Dancing Queen", "Knowing Me, Knowing You", "Take a Chance on Me", "Thank You for the Music", "Money, Money, Money", "The Winner Takes It All", "Voulez-Vous", "SOS" and the title track. Please forgive me. Sam, Donna: Well, they didn't need to know, did they? - Donna Sheridan, and, er, "H.B." Its Broadway incarnation closed in September 2015 after a 14-year run, making it the ninth longest-running show in Broadway history. You wanted your old dad, to walk you down the aisle. is. Sophie: [reading Donna's diary] "We danced on the beach, and we kissed on the beach, and... dot, dot, dot.". No! That's right. : Yeah, whatever happened to our Donna? Their iconic 1970s anthems were the driving force behind the stage production and the eventual 2008 cinematic interpretation with Meryl Streep as the lead Donna, in the worldwide blockbuster hit. Riding on the wave of the musical resurgence from the past few years, Parker seems to rely more on the influences of television’s Glee with the songs dictating the storyline as opposed to complementing the script. Sky, let's just not get married yet. Okay? Required fields are marked *. Why are you here? That’s what they did in the olden days. I had to go home. (to tune of "Mamma Mia!") 'Please come to my wedding. Being a third of your dad is great by me. stream Hello! I know he is. Bill: Well, you're not going to tell me that you have a twin sister, are you? Sophie: It's about knowing who I am and... and I wanted to get married knowing who I am! My, my, just how much I’ve missed you . Mamma mia Now I really know My, my I should not have let you go ----- SCENE 4 (28:35-30:30) DONNA: I'd better be dreaming. My God, look at what *we've* had. Even with her courageousness and free-spirit, the Donna character proves to be the strength and one of the biggest weaknesses of the film. 26 Oct. 2020. Search. Mamma mia Now I really know My, my I should not have let you go Rosie: [looking down the hatch of Bill's boat] Cooee! The title of the musical is taken from the group's 1975 chart-topper "Mamma Mia". Am I really that strapped for bucks? We're serving up the works here. : Well, I never knew that I would ever, ever have to. : No! I mean, yes, but come this way. Of course, I do not own any of this, and am purely using snippets in fair use in order to write a review, the Mamma Mia films, their lines and their pictures all belong to Universal Studios, 2018. Sam is seen ending a meeting with some Japanese businessmen. What are you doing here? I could have essentially just written out both the scripts as they are jam-packed with one-liners and deep meaningful scenes. STANDS4 LLC, 2020. Is life mysterious? Your mother knew quite a rebel. Ah this made me laugh so much! Good, get on it, and anchors away. dad to my wedding. I couldn't go home. My mom doesn't know that I know. : I invited them. : Hang on, Sophie. : That doesn't come from finding your father, that comes from finding yourself. He is here. And I’d always kind of accepted that that’s all I’d ever know. I was engaged. She is best known for her book for the ABBA-inspired musical Mamma Mia! Donna, don't worry about us. Sophie sails to the mainland to post a letter. Um. Sam Carmichael: [while Donna and the Dynamos are singing "Super Trouper"] Our song! : Donna's absolutely gonna I have to tell you he is here.”, Donna: “You couldn’t have I don’t even know which one it is”, Tanya: [to Sophie] “I bet you don’t remember me!”, Rosie: “Not with all that plastic surgery!”, Tanya! Report this file. What a night!”. I loved this post!! And the irony is, I was travelling to find myself. dot, dot, dot. I've invited my dad to my wedding. ', 'August 11th. (Donna enters the room and see Bill, Harry and Sam). Mamma Mia the Musical Script. What have they ever done for their daughter? Tanya: [before singing 'Does Your Mother Know'] Little boys who play with fire get their fingers burned. No, it takes too much energy. Rosie: “Typical isn’t it. That's what Plastic surgery won't pay for itself. Why didn't Donna tell me? I absolutely loved the film, even better than the first, which I did not think was possible!✨, I still haven’t seen the new film, honestly a bit disappointed in myself ahahaha. (to Sophie) I have to tell you. You finding your dad? Now Burlesque's in the past. Donna: I'm gonna arrange for a boat to take you all back to the mainland. Bill is seen on his motorbike. Mamma mia Does it show again? Sophie: Yeah, if you hadn't just dumped my mother and gone off and married somebody else... Sam Carmichael: Hey, hey, wait a minute. : Sorry, can I just... Might I just butt in? Tanya: [to Sophie] I bet you don't remember me. And you insisted on this sodding circus so you could play Happy Families. Copyright Reel Dialouge © All rights reserved. And I think you know why. It By Catherine Johnson (story and dialogue), Benny Andersson and Björn Ulvaeus (lyrics and music) Note: this is a transcription of the movie version of Mamma Mia! tomorrow. By Catherine Johnson (story and dialogue), Benny Andersson and Björn Ulvaeus (lyrics and music) Note: this is a transcription of the movie version of Mamma Mia!

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