On Valentine's Day, Whitney rejects Halfway's surprise but she is touched when Halfway talks about how his grandfather brought him up to treat women with respect. Grandfathers After speaking with Johnny and Lee, she decides to reply.

Spin-off Appearances They talk in his car until he goes to get some chips but forgets his wallet. Whitney runs off, thinking Todd wanted to have sex with her.

Johnny's parents, Mick and Linda Carter, hope that Johnny and Whitney will become an item, but his sister Nancy reveals to them that he is gay. Whitney hides the knife and later disposes of it in a canal. He publicly declares his love for her, but when he is unable to give her a driving lesson, Lucy suggests that Tyler does it, because she knows that Tyler likes Whitney. She attempted to tell him by putting a bun in the oven however it was overcooked and was found by a confused Mick. Half-Brothers

This material may not be republished, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. Whitney shares an emotional goodbye with Ryan as he heads into the police station. Lee Carter (2016-2017) Fatboy calls Ryan, who comes to Southend looking for Rob. He later tells Fatboy she needs a shrink which Whitney overhears. Billie is angry with his friends for getting her drunk. Status At the boat party, Whitney considers throwing the knife overboard but Jack arrives to talk to her. View Lauren Whitney’s profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community. Ryan tells Ricky and Bianca that Whitney was upset and does not think she is coping.

When Lauren kisses Tyler to make her ex-boyfriend Joey jealous, Whitney ends her friendship with Lauren. Whitney gives her relationship with Lee another go and is shocked when he proposes to her. She claims to be unready to go to the police but agrees to the test, which proves positive for chlamydia.

Present; regular The next day, Lucy is found dead. 25 Albert Square

In November 2009, Whitney decided to design her own t-shirts as suggested by her family and after she obtained start-up finance from her adoptive great-uncle Jack Branning, an order for 500 units came in. Upon Lee's return from the army, Whitney gives the relationship another chance. When she arrives, she cannot find him, so leaves him a voicemail, but soon notices a note on the window of the station. Jack is hospitalised with major injuries, and Whitney struggles to help Billie deal with his guilt and subsequent anger and rejection from the Branning and Jackson families. Later on, Whitney tells Bianca she found a winning lottery ticket lost by Dawn Swann's family and cashed it, but didn't tell Bianca as she knew that she would spend it. Lauren then helps Abi take her clothes off and Abi trips on the coffee table.

However, she soon falls for Billie's friend, Connor Stanley, and begins selling stolen jewellery for him. Copyright © 2019 NBCUniversal Media, LLC. Whitney confesses to Mick that she intends to break up with Lee after the wedding, unable to handle his depression. Stacey apologises to Whitney and she accepts. Whitney is devastated when Tony accepts Bianca's marriage proposal, locking herself in her bedroom. Whitney in turn reveals that she has kept some of the lottery winnings so she and Tony can run away together. Before the wedding Whitney tells Lee she wants another baby. Later, he graffitis a wall with Whitney's name as a gesture. One of Tiffany's caterpillars disappears and crawls up Todd's shirt. Carol Jackson (adoptive) Whitney learns of Sam Mitchell's return, now engaged to Ricky, much to Bianca and Whitney's displeasure. In December Whitney thinks she is pregnant but is left disappointed when she isn't.

Lucy invites Todd to a party and he brings Whitney. The Whitney has reopened its doors to the public, with new guidelines in place for the safety and well-being of our visitors and staff.

Which led to Bianca causing a scene, and after Ronnie got better of the verbals, Bianca attacked Ronnie from behind and went to dunk the blonde into a bucket of squash and apples, however after Bianca got a little cocky, her stun backfired very quickly and Ronnie reversed this and dunked her instead, which left her humiliated and more confused.

The next day Bianca catches them in bed and demands they get dressed, but after they explain they are not doing anything wrong, she tells them to be careful. Whitney Jackson (adoptive) Whitney Dean (maiden) Whitney Carter (married)

After being tracked down, Debra leaves. Lauren then tells her that Lee loves Whitney and would never go anywhere near her and Abi drunkenly confesses to Lauren that she slept with Lee by saying "Well he already did, me and Lee had sex, so maybe they aint a perfect coupe after all". Whitney insists that she loves Halfway, but jilts him at the altar and encourages him not to live a lie with his sexuality. Whitney takes a trip to Hampshire with Lucy, Peter, Leon, Zsa Zsa Carter and Fatboy where she fears the house they are staying in is haunted after Fatboy tells a story and she finds an old doll. Whitney "Whit" Dean (alsoJackson,previously Carter)is the adoptive/legal daughter of Bianca Jackson, and the half-sister ofTiffany Butcher,Liam ButcherandMorgan Butcher. 2:16. She is also the ex-wife of Lee Carter. Ricky Butcher (1997-2000, 2010-2012) When Whitney realises Billie lied about his college commitments, they argue and Billie rides off on his moped. The next month, she messages Lauren and meets her outside the police station, looking rough, as she has been arrested for shoplifting. The little girl from the middle-class, churchgoing family at odds with her classmates has become, at 29, a best-selling pop star -- but her success and prom queen image have come with a price. When celebrating Billie's birthday, Whitney kisses Peter and spends the night with him. In November 2017, her fiance, Woody Woodward, is offered a job at a bar in Spain and takes it. However he comes round to the idea, but Whitney discovers she is not pregnant after all. A few days later both Whitney and Lee were told they had Chlamydia (due to Lee's drunken one night stand with Abi) A distraught Whitney blamed it on her past with Rob. When Johnny's elder brother Lee returns from serving in Afghanistan, Whitney takes an instant liking to him and they share a kiss. Journalist Maya Chung interviewed Gwen Carr, the mother of Eric Garner, for the 6th anniversary of his death. When they return on Halloween, Tony and Whitney share a passionate kiss, and Tony informs Whitney that their relationship is back on, however upon her kiss to Tony’s cheek, he failed to remove the lipstick which angered Bianca and Tony blamed the lipstick on Ronnie. Happy #sweet16 Abi doesn't say anything and Lauren tells her to move because there going home. Whitney is disappointed to hear this and she desperately tries to contact him so she decides to secretly write him a letter.

She says she will refuse to testify saying her witness statement was lies and she was forced to say it. The rest of Whitney's family move to Suffolk to be near Bianca, who has been sent to prison in Suffolk. Whitney tells Lee it's nothing to worry about however Abi tells Lee she looked it up online and there was a possibility it did. The children return to Bianca a week later, moving into Pat Evans' home, although Whitney is initially angry with Bianca for letting them down. Whitney opts to live with Dot Branning instead of her close family, but Dot convinces her to move back to Ricky's. Leo angrily attacks Whitney but she gains the upper hand and he leaves the hotel room upset at finding out the truth about his father. In her cell she has a meltdown, throwing her tray of food and punching the wall until her hands bleed as she cries over her new reality of being in prison.

Whitney becomes jealous when Tony begins showing an interest in Lauren Branning. When Michael Moon tells his brother, Tyler, about Whitney's recent ordeal he rejects her but later gives her his special Moon pendant to make up for it. Age

Whitney thinks Ryan has stood her up, so leaves with Stacey and Lily. At Mick's stag party before his wedding to Linda, Lee knocks himself unconscious and is carried upstairs by Mick and Whitney. 8th December 1992 In early August Abi admitted to sleeping with Lee. Portrayed by

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