A real life patent that defied known science. From the Paranormal to UFOs, Monsters to Ghosts it is all right here! 1.
A Ghost Story? It's unclear whether that is enough to count as breaking the rules, since Harry already let the shadow into his head by choosing to pick up the coin. One of the worlds strangest unsolved mysteries. A true story of a UFO encounter and alien abduction. Just for fun I decided to try writing a ghost story - again to see if I could. Reincarnation or Psychic? Read More. One of the most mysterious objects ever found. The documented true story of two strangers. My stories have been well received and have gotten excellent reviews and comments. Proudly created with I have been encouraged by readers and specifically by parents, teachers and educators to highlight them to that age group. Home of the Strange and Bizarre. The true story of underground aliens and human abduction. ©2020 by L.A. Shute. One of the most famous hauntings that you ave never heard of! So here they are–Grown Up Books for Growing Up Young People (as well as all adults). I hope you enjoy them all but for now let me feature this: are well written, clean, whole-family friendly, non-violent, easy to read and fun with surprise twists and turns and unexpected endings. Aliens, Time Travelers, or residence of Inner Earth. Any of the Fallen would know the rules, and know that Uriel would be able to use this to help Harry eventually. I started writing comfortable fiction with no specific target audience in mind except, perhaps, generally that of my own generation. The Green Children of Woolpit Aliens, Time Travelers, or residence of Inner Earth. Spy or Alien? The true story of Alien activity on the moon. The strange Ghost Ball that has baffled scientists for years. But in addition, I have been told that they are very appropriate for today’s generation and would make excellent reading for Teens, Tweens and young adults. Government UFO Cover-Up Conspiracy! Alien hybrid/government conspiracy. Lasciel herself may have been the whisperer, though my guess would be Anduriel (getting probably … Re-reading Ghost Stories, Lash makes the most sense. Alien Technology or Ancient Knowledge? The true story of one woman who saw the past.

Appropriate for Teens, Tweens and Young Adults too. It turned out - as I wanted it to - to be a little differe... Write a comment. Alien Artifact or UFO? And just for fun I have inserted into my Blog the occasional original poem or one of my new writing creations. We are in production and should have our 2019 season of Perceived Reality TV completed soon! The truth is stranger than fiction! Good Stories that... are well written, clean, whole-family friendly, non-violent, easy to read and fun with surprise twists and turns and unexpected endings. A compilation of some of our more popular shows. Top 7 Unbelievable Stories TOO BOLD for TV. The documented true story of two strangers.

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