It's their speciality. XV104 Riptide Battlesuit.

Setzt ihr Kroot Carnivores ein? Just like how some conscripts once beat some elite troops, or how a shitty armoured car knocked out a Tiger tank (that actually happened). It's the kind of short story used to fill codexes and magazines that you'll never see if you don't own the rules. Even if they didn't have the full element of surprise it's not likely that five rangers are going to survive that many kroot in their absolute perfect environment.
Sergeant Hastor's squad advanced at a tortuously slow pace through the dense, insect-ridden forest undergrowth. Finally it issued a long, sibilant hiss that in any language could only be considered a warning. Why a regiment founded on an arid mining world would be posted here, the sergeant didn't dare ponder ; far be it for the non-commissioned ranks to fathom the workings of the Departmento Munitorum. Strike Team. Krootox Riders. The Kroot wrapped a hand around his victim's neck and wrenched the blade from the body. It would seem so.

XV8 Crisis Battlesuits. Hell, they have many advantages here - surprise and numbers - and still lose more than the Eldar. Hastor stumbled back, his squad raising their weapons... « Hold you fire ! She drew and fired in one motion, almost beheading one of the bloodstained Kroot. Even the most elite make mistakes. Most of the Kroot's head had been blasted away and it toppled forwards, pinning her against the tree. My inference was that they’re still animalistic creatures that don’t interrupt nature enough to be detected because they’re already a part of it. The nearest alien turned its blood-flecked face towards the sergeant, fixing its predatory gaze on him for what seemed an age.

It shows the Kroot as absolutely ruthless savages, contrasting with the rest of the Tau codex which is much more policed; another story written from the Tau PoV describes them as « fascinating creatures » that can' t wait to be taught the Greater Good (even as the majority of them is still working as mercs on the side).
A Kroot Carnivore Squad is a Kroot mercenary squad in service to the Tau Empire.. Overview. Bones snapped as the Kroot tore their victims apart, devouring the still-warm organs within. They'l probbably be interested. Wenn ja, ab wie vielen Punkten? XV9 Hazard Support Team. That's kinda the entire foundation of the horus heresy, how these super perfect primarchs totally fuck everything up. XV25 Stealth Battlesuits. He pulled the dying Eldar close and tore a bloody chunk of flesh from his neck with his powerful, beaked jaws. Fast Attack. [Edit: Additional story from the Kroot Mercs codex, for those that want more Kroot]. So are we to believe that Kroot are such skilled hunters/warriors that even Eldar Rangers cannot go undiscovered when near them? Her hand closed on the smooth grip of her pistol. (Yes an eldars life is much more precious, but even so). A complete ambush and the eldar still killed more than they lost. The Kroot (Krootis aviana), also designated by the Imperium as Kroot Carnivore, are a xenos species of savage humanoids who are members of the T'au Empire. I do think it's a bit silly that the rangers didn't know they were there seeing as they're space elves and you'd think they would also have thermal vision, but in terms of the fight they were outnumbered at close quarters in a forest with kroot.

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