Equipment: If you want to blast a couple hundred grams at a time, you’ll need a nice tube, a stand to hold it in, a vacuum, a chamber to purge in, heating pan, etc. Now that you have extracted you BHO and you have the right equipment, it’s time to get to the vacuum purging. Whether you're making BHO through open blasting or a closed column extractor, there is one pivotal part of the process for your wax to become smokable. These can be easily bought in a marijuana headshop or on Amazon. The most expensive equipment that will need to make shatter is the vacuum oven or vacuum purging kit. 1 ounce of high-quality cannabis bud (to make 3 ounces of shatter) Then place it in a bath of hot water that’s no hotter 140 degrees. When you vacuum purge your final product, it helps to remove the solvents (namely butane) from your dabs. Plan on spending about $500 in equipment to get started. How To Vacuum Purge BHO. Take your solution of butane and THC goodness and put it in a Pyrex dish. Pre-Vacuum Purging. If you just want to blast a couple zips at a time, your budget will be about $350. Other equipment that you will need to buy is the extraction tube and butane canister. Either way, you still need a good vac pump and chamber. That critical step is called vacuuming purging.

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