I read on one of your posts that glass has the same elasticity of aluminum does that mean if i were to use a aluminum pot as a base(w/ a polycarbonate top) that it would possibly implode on full vacuum?

I am currently building a Lil' Terp using all the great info on your site thanks again and Keep up the good work . In a recent search on eBay this gadget for purging turned up HEATED-ULTRASONIC-VACUUM-CHAMBER-EXTRACTOR-DEGASSING-BHO-PURGE-SHATTER-WAX-120F Basically someone added a polycarbonate lid with gasket, valves and vacuum gauge to a heated ultrasonic jewelry cleaner.

Also I was wondering could I just leave the oil out at room temperature for a couple weeks could that possibly make the butane completely evaporate. I would be very greatful of you time do so. How much oil you can put in the bottom of your vacuum chamber depends on the surface area at the bottom. (Nice naming convention, by the way :).,,

The old rubber gasket from the pressure cooker, from what I read in the article. . Calculating stress at the extreme fiber and deflection of Polycarbonate vacuum chamber lids lids. To that end, we used an old 22 quart Mirror pressure cooker that was gifted to us, and after removing the gasket, we tossed the lid.

After cutting them to size, I put a towel under them and then put two layers of towel over the top surface, but cut out a big hole in the top layer through which the pot sat, resting on the heating mat.

Couldn't find exact specs on the wall thickness of the pot but its this 16 qt presto on walmart, even called their customer service w/ no luck. The question arose regarding the suitability of a 2" Polycarbonate plate lid on a 20" pot, so I thought that I would share the answer and the math with you: In summary, it looks to me like a 2" Polycarbonate or a 2" Acrylic plate would work.

Hopefully this is useful: Washington State Emergency Rule on Flammable and CO2 Extraction, (/bho-extraction-equipment-certification/) Comments, (/removing-butane-mystery-oil-using-a-terpenator/) Comments, (/spr-reviews-steamcloud-micro/) Comments. One for the vacuum pump and the other for the vacuum gauge hose. Using a harbor freight vacuum rated at 22.5 microns. I tell everyone -29.5, because it is hard to see .89 on an analog gauge. Is there no stress/deflection on the side?

I use it exclusively cause it's so exact & programmable in 5°F increments, stops heating insantly, and only heats where pan is, very cool. Stress at the extreme fiber at 450 psi, is a small fraction of the 9,500 psi ultimate tensile strength. They are inexpensive, readily available and the best part--- they learn the system they are in and make accurate temp adjustment fairly quickly.

Pulling slower can also preserve thc but I would not say that it is a "shatter process" .

A recent batch of honeycomb was tested:

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