The total amount of product has little to do with the actual value and efficacy of the product. CO2 extraction, ethanol extraction, and closed loop hydrocarbon extraction system yields have a range of variables, including the solute power of the extraction solvent and the experience of the extraction machine operator.

As a scientist, he has a strong technical background and industry experience in analytical instrumentation, in-vitro diagnostics, biotech, mining, and homeland security markets. When you have less valuable input you are using energy, in the form of labor and electricity, to lower your yield and value. Use the CBD Yield Calculator below and see what your hemp biomass yield could be with the extraktLAB E-140 and E-180 extractors. A 100% Extraction Efficiency means that 100% of the THC in the feedstock is being extracted.

We use this process because it produces a cleaner, purer end product, with greater efficiency and safety. The CBD Yield Calculator from extraktLAB is a useful tool for figuring out your total yield of your harvest and process using an E-140 or E-180 supercritical CO 2 extractor with a 90%-95% recovery of cannabis and hemp oils. “Yield” is important, a processor should measure how much comes out of the process compared to how much goes in.

Dr. Thompson has a track record of writing winning cannabis licenses and has implemented hundreds of start-up operations in Canada, Europe and throughout the US for various clients. Nemadji Management, LLC. Through distillation and refinement you make it to CBD distillate and isolate, further increasing the compound value. Garret Nicodemus, PhD, is the COO of Xabis and leads both engineering and scientific development of the supercritical extraction process, using his background in separations and process design and his proficiency with process simulation software (e.g. Garret was previously a lecturer and senior researcher for the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering at the University of Colorado Boulder, securing over one million dollars in grants and company funds, and instructing classes on extraction technologies.

Read on and use our calculator to determine the crude oil yield from your hemp harvest this fall. The extract from Company B contains more useable, saleable THC from the same plant material. You can see how much you would yield in terms of crude oil, winterized crude oil, distillate, and isolate.

In other cases yield can be affected by the equipment you use and the efficiency of the hemp processing method. Harborside Announces Refreshed Slate of Directors for Upcoming Annual Meeting, Why Canadian Cannabis Operators Benefit From U.S. Election Enthusiasm. Okay, so … Thus, the potency, the amount of THC, is the most critical number to be concerned about. However, based on the potency of 20%, only 40 g of THC was extracted (20% of 20% of 1000g). Estimate the extraction yield from your hemp crop with the use of our calculator to determine the crude oil yield from your hemp harvest this fall.

Aimed at hemp cultivators and includes a proforma calculator to estimate total yield. A simple example would be using 100g of cannabis plant material to make 20g of extracted oil, giving you a yield of 20%. HOW TO CALCULATE YIELD. Yield determines return, so it is important to know where you stand on this. When you know what to expect in terms of hemp biomass yield, this helps you plan your season, plan expenses, give you your potential processing output, and from there, provide CBD production and profits. OAKLAND, Calif and TORONTO, Oct. 26, 2020 /PRNewswire/ –... You’re reading a copy of this week’s edition of... Download the free “New Cannabis Ventures” app on the iOS App Store or Google Play and get real-time push notifications straight to your phone on the latest breaking news and exclusives published.

But what if the product from Extract Company A contained more waste material thus increasing its final mass and the resulting yield? Extraction Efficiency is the amount of THC actually extracted, versus how much THC is available in the feedstock. As you can see from the examples above, “yield” is important, but has very little do with the actual effectiveness or efficiency of the extraction process. Let us know your story. The composition, or fraction of each component of the whole, really determines the potency, effect, and value of the extract. Cannabis-infused oil, butter or alcohol can be a healthier and more effective way of consuming cannabis. According to Hemp Industry Daily, licensed US hemp acreage fell 9% but there was a 27% increase in hemp growers. ... Want to know how to estimate the extraction yield from your hemp crop?

In cannabis commercial productions, “yield” may be referred to as the full-spectrum CBD oil obtained from hemp or the cannabis oil derived from different extraction methods. Feedstock can have THC potencies that range from 0% to as high as 30%. For hemp extraction, the primary focus is cannabinoids and terpenes.

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