You can now produce a bottle of top quality Whisky, Gin, Rum or Bourbon for around £2.30 a bottle (75cl). You’ll need a diverse skill set and a willingness to work seven days a week for the foreseeable future. No other condenser can offer the quality and volume. He contributed to the Gin category, rather than just clutter it with another brace of products. 5. Wide reaching, yet designed to give a comprehensive view into each of the essential components, we’ve fine-tuned the day’s activities to offer a perfect foundation off which to build from. 85 ℃. Finally, a still to take its plac... Just add sugar! Ask yourself: do you love this enough to survive the onslaught of late nights, tastings, trainings and early starts beneath the still? We are also frequently asked to review new gins fresh on the market, where inevitably judgement is then cast over the story, the team and often the early stages of a distillery’s career. Glass of fresh cocktail drink with lemon slice and ice cubes on a black board., Gin still at Dunnet Bay Distillery in Caithness on the North Coast 500 scenic driving route in northern Scotland, UK,, Closeup of Glass containing bubbling clear liquid and lemon slices and ice cubes,, Gin production using a simple still at Kawaza Village in Zambia,, Club soda or Gin or Vodka and tonic with lime slice garnish on a black background, The Bubble Plate refraction column is designed for the distillation of alcoholic beverages with an ABV percentage of more than 90%, which ensures a significant interaction of the alcoholic vapor with copper and a high purification of the alcoholic vapors. Trust us. So this part might be a buzz kill but it’s the truth., Gin or Vodka and club soda or tonic mixed drink with lime slice garnish on a grey background, By simply attaching your Botanical Basket (or Air Still Infusions Basket with the Air Still) to your Air Still, Alembic, or Turbo 500 setup and adding a Gin Botanicals packet during distillation, you can make a range of beautiful homemade gin styles! My passion for distilling began back in my early teens when I discovered the remnants of a copper still on a family friend’s island in Northern Ontario. A lighter type of gin can be produced by using the “gin head “ still, which involves the suspension of a gin basket in the head of the still, making the vapors go through the spices and plants for a lighter, softer taste. Also, the device offers the possibility of direct injection of access steam from the furnace into the boiler during the distillation process, if clean water is used, thus accelerating the process of heating by approx. It might sound like fun but by “research” we don’t mean going to the local bar and drinking a few gins., Beautiful copper Gin still and distillery equipment at the East London Liquor Company, nr Hackney, London UK,,,, Look to the other side of the UK and you’ll see Tarquin’s Gin doubling up on stills having opted for a micro-sized alembic pot still when he began. VEVOR Moonshine Still Distiller 8.5Gal 38L Stainless Steel Water Distiller Copper Tube with Circulatin… London, England, United Kingdom. Still life. Darren and the team spent years learning their trade and knew exactly what they would need to present to the public to secure enough financial backing. If you can combine both, you are onto a winner and will have an idea that is worth pursuing. Cons include giving up large chunks of equity and the possibility of being tied to investors who have different ideas for your business who can also cunningly manoeuvre it by controlling said balance sheets.,, View of Ugly Betty gin still for The Botanist gin at Bruichladdich Distillery on island of Islay in Inner Hebrides of Scotland, UK, Remove all saddles from the column. Try a gift card. It’s one thing to be original but being original isn’t always a good thing. Visit distilleries. Still life in a restaurant or bar, Gin is an old spirit — “medicinal” juniper hooch dates back to the 13th century — but it’s an evolving category. Micro breweries and distilling gin with basic kit and gear. This now incorporates a spiral structure modification inside the condenser called fins. Please check below for the most up-to-date schedule. Our gin still is the smallest pot still in volume, but stands as tall as the other stills in the Copperworks’ lineup. The lid is designed for maximum quality, positioned in the center of the boiler with a large diameter in the spherical part thus ensuring an accelerated reflux process during distillation. The process is strictly related to the inner surface of the lid, where the interaction with the alcoholic vapor is partially condensed on the wall of the lid and thus leads to reflux (a very important process for the quality of the distillate). Getting them installed will be pricey too, especially if you opted for a steam jacket rather than an electric one. If you haven’t heard of at least 100 of them and don’t have a basic idea of what they are about, think again and get back to your homework. If this is something that you have been daydreaming about – then you’ll be happy you’re reading this. Using a still that’s specifically designed to make gin allows us to make truly authentic styles of gin. Running costs, overheads and marketing need to be considered. Pros include the availability of higher funds upfront and at favourable rates with some expert guidance in terms of raising more money and managing balance sheets – ultimately making your business more attractive if you wish for a quick exit strategy. We get emails on a daily basis with people asking us for more information and advice on how and where to begin. Dodd’s Gin was not a weekend project that came to fruition after a few beers and some mathematics on the back of a napkin. This Alembic Pot Still is made up of the Mangrove Jack's 25L Boiler or the Still Spirits 4.9L Boiler with this Pot Still Alembic Dome Top and Pot ... Flat Silicone Lid Seal, suitable for: Bombay Sapphire Gin is obtained through this method in column stills. All the romantic personal stuff aside – why is this important to your business you ask? (shipping mid November), NEXT GENERATION Still Spirits Copper Turbo 500 (T500) Condenser (shipping early November), CRAFT SUPER Pack: Next Generation Still Spirits Turbo 500 (T500) Copper Condenser & Alembic Pot Condenser (shipping late November), CRAFT SUPER DUPER Pack: Next Generation Still Spirits Turbo 500 (T500) Copper Condenser & Alembic Pot Condenser (shipping late November), CRAFT MEGA Pack: Next Generation Still Spirits Turbo 500 (T500) Copper Condenser & Alembic Pot (shipping late November), Still Spirits Alembic Pot Still Dome Top and Condenser (shipping late November), VODKA Distillery Kit: Still Spirits Turbo 500 (T500) Copper Condenser & Vodka Pack (shipping early December), GIN Distillery Kit: Still Spirits Turbo 500 (T500) Copper Condenser & Gin Pack (shipping mid November), RUM Distillery Kit: Still Spirits Alembic Pot Condenser & Boiler (shipping late November), ULTIMATE Distillery Kit: Still Spirits Turbo 500 (T500) Copper Condenser & Boiler + Alembic Pot Condenser & Grainfather (shipping late November), Turbo 500 Pack: Make Pure 93% Ethanol Alcohol (shipping mid November), Mangrove Jack's 25L Boiler (shipping mid November), Still Spirits Alembic Pot Still Copper Condenser (shipping late November), Flat Silicone Lid Seal for Turbo 500 / T500 / Mangrove Jacks Boiler / Stainless Steel Fermenter, Distilling Temperature Controller (Heat & Cool) [4mm Probe for Distillation], 2 Inch Tri-Clover Clamp (used for Alcoengine reflux stills) (shipping mid November), WHISKEY Distillery Kit: Grainfather with Copper Alembic Dome Top and Pot Condenser (shipping early December), BOURBON Distillery Kit: Grainfather with Copper Alembic Dome Top and Pot Condenser (shipping early December), Still Spirits Alchemist Series: Alembic Pot Condenser, Dome Top and Boiler (shipping late November), Grainfather Connect + Sparge Water Heater + Overflow Filter Bundle (shipping late October), Grainfather Boiler Body with Cords & Pump Cover, AlcoEngine Pot Still Condenser Distilling Distillation Apparatus (shipping late November), Gin Botanicals Basket Instructions for the Turbo 500.

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