“You have the right to obey me. Megatron, who had been holding off the D-Void's giant puppet, eventually blasted the creation into pieces. However, he can get a bit psychopathic at times, thanks to a glitch in his brain module. Good going Galvatron. No Fair Fights, Galvatron's alliance with, and subsequent betrayal of, the EDC were remembered by Scarlett and Joe Colton as they discussed the threat the Cybertronians posed to the planet Earth. As Decepticon leader, his barbaric side returned in full force and with it an abiding disgust for what he sees as the weaknesses and compromises of the modern age. His current focuses are on covering the Arrowverse, Star Trek: Discovery, and the DC Cinematic Universe. Optimus, not impressed by Galvatron's threats or his refusal to reveal his long term plans for Cybertron, said that the Autobots would not be his slaves, but if his intentions were peaceful they wouldn't harm him. So Galvatron was a liar or he killed himself. He really, really wants a new Green Lantern movie. However, at Megatron's request, Shockwave built an indentical replica of Galvatron, making him a separate entity. Fearful of Trion's suspicions, he launched it off world. The Crucible, After his victory in the Battle of Aegiax, he was approached by Alpha Trion, who offered to give him everything he ever wanted. Basically, Galvatron killed himself in the comics. Never Megatron, not a servant of Unicron, but rather a timelost warrior from an earlier, more brutal era, Galvatron will stop at nothing to achieve his goals. Galvatron ordered Scourge to fire the giant particle cannon at Cybertron. When the Decepticons expressed shock that Megatron had changed sides, Galvatron agreed with them and suggested a new approach.

A small group of Maximals (the Autobots' benevolent offspring), led by Optimus Primal, attempted to free the denizens of Cybertron and bring a prophesied technorganic harmony to Cybertron. I Dream of Wires. All 8 Versions Of Hulk Who Can Appear In Marvel Phase 4, Mission: Impossible - What Happened To Ethan Hunt's Parents, Lord of the Rings: Every Theory About Who Tom Bombadil Is, David Fincher Rejects Alien 3 With A Perfect Takedown, Final Destination Almost Included a Physical Grim Reaper Over an Invisible Force, Rebecca's Ending Explained: How The First Mrs. De Winter Really Died. Their voyage brought them to the Benzuli Expanse, where they discovered a mysterious anomaly leading to another universe: on Nova's orders, Galvatron had the ship enter the portal, sending them into the Dead Universe. For that reason, Galvatron agreed to ally with them. Dusty Stowe has been writing for Screen Rant since 2016. The zombie leader, Britt, used the power of suggestion to make the crew think she was actually one of their own named Bayonet, while she sabotaged the engines to bring the ship crashing to Earth. He let his partner have dibs on destroying Cloudburst and his crew on the Mirror-Manifold. When analyzing the inverted deflector shield that the Ark-7 was trapped in, Galvatron compared it to a "black egg" he had seen in his youth (shocking Astrotrain that Galvatron had once been young). One shall stand and one shall fall.

Heart of Darkness #4, Galvatron and crew discovered a frozen mass of organic and metal in space and brought the strange blob aboard their ship to investigate. ...And the Damage Done This new approach was making Galvatron the new Decepticon leader. While Soundwave busied himself with the construction of their Jupiter commune, Galvatron took advantage of his absence and rallied the Decepticons hunt for Spike Witwicky. Being long-time comrades, the two had no problem putting aside their little conflicts while under the spell of Heart of Darkness, and rejoined forces to focus on leaving the Dead Universe. Detonation Boulevard Into the battle, a "Mind Bomb" knocked out all the Decepticons, who were summarily beamed up to their ship.

In the aftermath of this attack, Galvatron confronted General Witwicky alone and admitted that, while he was impressed with the Mind Bomb, he could not forgive its use on himself and killed the general. He arrived on Gorlam Prime, where Cyclonus and Scourge were the last surviving members of the Dead Universe crew, and began babbling his intentions at them while throwing Scourge into a smelting pool... causing it to resurrect him, and create a clone army! He's convinced he has a higher calling to the point of recklessness, leading to unwitting servitude to the monstrous D-Void, which suppressed his less-civilized nature...for a time. When they reached Jupiter, the two Decepticons were attacked by Cosmos and Arcee where Galvatron used his cannon to disable the former before he managed to strike Astrotain's engines, causing him to fall into Jupiter's gravity well. Both Optimus and Megatron would die in the process, the final remnants of the war that always seemed to haunt Cybertron. Unfortunately, Galvatron was soon killed, and rebuilt back into Megatron. Aircraft Grade Aluminum
Galvatron finally convinced Prime they should be fighting this menace on the same side, while Kup broke Britt's cover. He told everyone he was an updated form of Megatron. Smooth luxury writing on all surfaces & even under water. When Superion and Victorion entered the fray, Galvatron revealed that Blackrock had unintentionally turned the Earth itself into a giant Enigma. Before their duel could have a fatal outcome, the city was invaded by Megatronus of the Darklands, who overthrew Septimus and let the twins kill their former master. Death didn't come for just the Autobots in Transformers: The Movie.New Decepticon toys had to make room on the shelf, so lots of bad guys died.

Enraged, Galvatron ordered his Sweeps to kill the Autobots. After a pitched battle between the Autobots and Decepticons that saw Megatron tear the Autobot lieutenant Jazz in half, Sam Witwicky (Shia LaBeouf) managed to jam the Allspark into Megatron's chest, killing the Decepticon leader in the process.

As Nemesis Prime's plans required Earth to survive, at least for a while, Galvatron took steps to prevent the Reapers from taking over and laying waste to the planet. The Transformers: Infestation #1 Kup was compromised though, and to stop Britt and the zombie horde from ravaging Cybertron of the past, Galvatron gave the coordinates to Prowl, who used Kup, to send the whole shebang to the very beginning of the Dead Universe. However, at Megatron's request, Shockwave built an indentical replica of Galvatron, making him a separate entity. Full Fathom Five, When the Autobots eventually showed up, Galvatron led his troops to ambush Optimus Prime at Thundercracker's home before the EDC showed up and placed the Autobots under arrest. Discovering a second portal into the Dead Universe, Galvatron was shocked as the ruined body of Nemesis Prime stepped from it, returned to life by the D-Void and anxious for revenge on Galvatron.

Full Fathom Five Galvatron was given a demonstration on how the Mind Bomb could be used to fight off Cybertronian intruders as the weapon was used on Prowl. When Sentinel expressed a low opinion of Galvatron due to his killing of Nexus Prime, Optimus sardonically noted that Sentinel was someone Galvatron would have loved to kill.

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Prime reached out for Galvatron, but as the Darkness crossed between them, Optimus grabbed Galvatron's hand, and hurled him into the solar pool, destroying both the Darkness and its would-be host. Lamentations. The two gladiators joined his army of Darklanders as they marched on the Crystal City and battled Onyx Prime's legion of beast mode warriors. This time it came in the guise of Sentinel Prime, an ancient Autobot who had shockingly decided to switch sides. Megatron found himself involved in a plot by Starscream and Shockwave to commandeer the Autobot Ark as a final power play as the war wound down. Soundwave suggested abandoning Cybertron for Earth. The Nothing Man Before departing he made a broadcast to Cybertron, inviting all remaining Decepticons to join him in taking the galaxy. When he stirred, the two were gone. Returning to the site of the portal to the Dead Universe, they found numerous dead "Micromasters", presumably the ones killed by Arcee. Wreck-Gar asked Rumble and Frenzy who Galvatron was and what Optimus did to him, being informed that Galvatron had been shot through the Spark and had his head ripped off. Shockpoint, Galvatron was among those present when Nova Prime rediscovered Crystal City, along with Omega Supreme. All Weather Pen. Now I wonder what … The Crucible Alongside his brother, he served as a vanguard for his master when Cybertron made contact with the planet Antilla.

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