Counter Since Jan. 29, 1997 (Site on-line Jan. 1996) Suggest This Page To A Friend! Since the resurgence of exploration in the mid-1990s, all wells that have shown promising gas deposits have been stimulated through hydraulic fracture or “fracking”. 3.Marie married Joseph Pitre [89] A recent $140M upgrade brought the capacity of the cable system from 200 MW to 560 MW. This goal has not been met.

Orphaned, Michel was entrusted to Michel LeNeuf de la Vallière of Trois-Rivières, Québec. The provincial government has opened several family health centres in recent years in various rural and urban communities.

Different sources claim different dates of arrival. Although time does not allow for a full genealogy of all the original families, an attempt has been made to provide a brief background on most of the families that came and stayed in Cornwall for several generations. [7], The New Englanders had a force of two war ships and 200 soldiers stationed at Port-la-Joye. New settlements began at Pointe-Prime (Eldon), Bedec, and other places. [4], After the Siege of Louisbourg (1745) during King George's War, the New Englanders also captured Île Saint-Jean (Prince Edward Island). In areas where municipalities have not assumed responsibility for planning, the Province remains responsible for development control. Prince Edward Island became a fashionable retreat in the 18th century for British nobility". Census Profile", "Agriculture and Agri-Food Economic Account, 2015", "Agriculture on Prince Edward Island", "When the Monks Come to Town", "The Prince Edward Island Lands Protection Act - Frequently Asked Questions Including Information on Non-Resident, Corporate & Global Permit Applications for Land Acquisition in Prince Edward Island", "PEI BioScience Cluster - Prince Edward Island BioAlliance - Overview", "Pepsi Bottling Group To Acquire Seaman's Beverages", "End to can ban receives full support of legislature", "Government to lift "can-ban" May 3 beverage container management system encourages returns and recycling", "Census Profile, 2016 Census - Prince Edward Island Economic Region", "The Maritimes Energy Association | Prince Edward Island", "Charlottetown smoke stacks to be torn down", "NEB – Provincial and Territorial Energy Profiles – Prince Edward Island", "P.E.I. [1] They named the island Epekwitk (the pronunciation of which was changed to Abegweit by the Europeans), meaning "cradle on the waves.

Here you'll find record collections, history, and genealogy resources to help you trace your Prince Edward Island ancestors. Bibliographies that list histories for some provinces are in the Locality Search of the FamilySearch Catalog under: Granatstein, J. L., and Paul Stevens, eds. Myers; Jeremiah Myers – the only record of Jeremiah Myers other than the 1798 census, comes from the Younker genealogy. 10.Isaac A provincial cancer treatment centre at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital provides support to those dealing with various types of cancer-related illnesses. Abraham Arsenault (dit Petit) b abt 1702 Beaubassin, Cumberland, Acadia, Nova Scotia m abt 1731 Beaubasin, d abt 1757 Malpeque, Prince, P.E.I. In 1799 the name of the colony was changed by the assembly to Prince Edward Island to honor a son of King George III stationed with the army in Halifax at the time. Most of the Acadians were deported by the British in 1758 after the battle of Louisburg, but about 300 Acadian families stayed on the island by hiding out in the woods. These may give information on as many as half of the families in the area. In the early 1870s, the colony began construction of a railway and frustrated by Great Britain's Colonial Office, began negotiations with the United States. [61] Almost half of respondents identified their ethnicity as "Canadian". The release of the discussion paper was to set off a consultation process in the autumn of 2015. P.E.I. d.o. It is believed that John Jacob Heartz was also a United Empire Loyalist.31  Descendants of John Jacob lived in the Cornwall area for many generations. Records show that they were in Halivax, Nova Scotia; the French Island of Miquelon; Cocagne and Jolicoeur, New Brunswick; and Malpèque, Isle St-Jean about 1784. Many Acadians died in the expulsion en route to France; on December 13, 1758, the transport ship Duke William sank and 364 died. Species at risk in P.E.I. Georges Arsenault, 1998 - 65 Ambrose Street, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island - C13P8, Canada. * among provinces.† Preliminary 2006 census estimate. Prince Edward Island is a Canadian province consisting of an island of the same name.

A fifth generation grandson, Joseph dit Chaculot Gaudet, is the ancestor of all of the Island Gaudet descendants. To regain Acadia, Ramezay was sent from Quebec to the region. In May 1997, the Confederation Bridge opened, connecting Borden-Carleton to Cape Jourimain, New Brunswick. The first inhabitants of PEI were the Mi’kmaq. This consists primarily of the city of Summerside. The Tignish Fisheries Co-op Association Ltd. For a long time, it was also called Fifteen Point. [9] It is the 104th-largest island in the world and Canada's 23rd-largest island. A much smaller urban area developed around Summerside Harbour, situated on the southern shore 40 km (25 mi) west of Charlottetown Harbour. It is a family tradition that is transcending generations. William’s occupation was listed as Captain, Militia/farmer.

The province has very strict laws regarding use of roadside signs. [54] Prince Edward Island entered Confederation on July 1, 1873. The Mayhew family came from England.39  The date of their arrival is unknown, but records from the Methodist Church on Prince Edward Island dating back to 1839 lists the name of Zachariah Mayhew.40  It is said that Zachariah arrived on Prince Edward Island with his parents. William came to Prince Edward Island in 1830 and brought his family over eight years later aboard the “British Lady.”  William worked as a shoemaker and postmaster in Cornwall, Prince Edward Island. 4.Theophile married Helene Arsenault Until May 1997, the province was linked by two passenger-vehicle ferry services to the mainland: one, provided by Marine Atlantic, operated year-round between Borden and Cape Tormentine, New Brunswick; the other, provided by Northumberland Ferries Limited, operates seasonally between Wood Islands and Caribou, Nova Scotia.

The author Lucy Maud Montgomery drew inspiration from the land during the late Victorian Era for the setting of her classic novel Anne of Green Gables (1908). Most of the members of the Haché dit Gallant family escaped deportation in 1758 by seeking refuge in the Chaleur Bay area though one of their daughter's Marguerite drowned at sea with three of her chidren while being deported to France. The smaller, rural communities, as well as the towns and villages throughout the province, retain a slower pace than mainland cities. St. Jean Baptiste RC Church Records, Miscouche, Prince, P.E.I. Under the British rule the name of the Island was changed to the Island of Saint John. [citation needed] There is also Canada Rocks, and the Cavendish Beach Music Festival. When the island was part of Acadia, originally settled by French colonists, its former French name was Île Saint-Jean (St. John's Island). The village was founded by the son Jean-Baptiste, his children and their families, of Petit Abraham Arsenault. The last abortion was performed in the province in 1982 prior to the opening of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital which saw the closure of the Roman Catholic-affiliated Charlottetown Hospital and the non-denominational Prince Edward Island Hospital; a condition of the "merger" being that abortions not be performed in the province. The Evangeline Region Gaudets who settled there in the 19th century came from Miscouche. There are two Mi'kmaq First Nation reserves on Epekwitk today. "[2] The Mi'kmaq mythology is that the island was formed by the Great Spirit placing some dark red clay which was shaped as a crescent on the pink Waters. d 21 Jun 1821, Egmont Bay, Prince, P.E.I. [1] The main island is 5,620 km2 (2,170 sq mi) in size. 6.Madeleine who married Pierre Gallant 3.Baltilde married Joseph DeRoches The water for the city of Charlottetown is extracted from thirteen wells in three wellfields and distributed to customers. After the fall of Louisbourg, the resident French population of Île Royale were deported to France, with the remaining Acadians of Île Saint-Jean lived under the threat of deportation for the remainder of the war.[42]. The 11 Some specialist services require patients to be referred to clinics and specialists in neighbouring provinces. I am always open for comments and corrections. [85] There are eight wind farms on the island, the largest being West Cape Wind Park with a capacity of 99 MWs from 55 turbines. The coastline has a combination of long beaches, dunes, red sandstone cliffs, salt water marshes, and numerous bays and harbours. [31], Prince Edward Island used to have native moose, bear, caribou, wolf, and other larger species. He was first married to Dorothea Rhene and then to Elisabeth Hoschelin. Other important industries include the fisheries, tourism, aerospace, bio-science, IT, and renewable energy.[7]. B.Arsenault, so it may or may not be 100%, Perhaps if someone has access to S.White or others, they could forward corrections to me. 9.Marie who married Colas Arsenault 1. Marguerite's parents were Charles Arseneau and Françoise Mirande to Pierre and Marie Guérin.

After 1758 the Island was administered from Nova Scotia and later, in 1763, became part of that province. 150 Anniversaire de la Paroisse de Notre Dame du Mont Carmel, page 33. [71] The processing of frozen fried potatoes, green vegetables, and berries is a leading business activity. [99] Historically, politics in the province have been dominated by the Liberal and the Progressive Conservative Parties since the province joined Confederation. Several Poirier families were deported to the New England Colonies in 1755 while others became refugees in the Chaleur Bay vicinity. In addition to public post-secondary institutions, Prince Edward Island is also home to a private post-secondary institutions, Maritime Christian College. They never saw him again. Early disposal practices, while advanced for their time, eventually were found to compromise the ecological integrity of the nearby Hillsborough River and the Charlottetown Harbour. Kellow; the Kellow family, much like the Pye’s were also early settlers, but whose family name also faded out.

[28] The province currently accounts for a third of Canada's total potato production, producing approximately 1.3 billion kilograms (1,400,000 short tons) annually. [8] After Boishebert returned, Ramezay sent Joseph-Michel Legardeur de Croisille et de Montesson along with over 500 men, 200 of whom were Mi'kmaq, to Port-la-Joie. About 2 or 3 years later, Jean was found on the beach by Malpeque, P.E.I. Autumn is a pleasant season, as the moderating Gulf waters delay the onset of frost, although storm activity increases compared to the summer. 1798 Census: 2. For the islands near Antarctica, see, "PEI" redirects here. [21], Although commercial deposits of minerals have not been found, exploration in the 1940s for natural gas beneath the northeastern end of the province resulted in the discovery of an undisclosed quantity of gas. The world's longest bridge over ice-covered waters,[114] it replaced the Marine Atlantic ferry service. There is ample precipitation throughout the year, although it is heaviest in the late autumn, early winter and mid spring. William Fisher; or Wilhelm Fischer was a member of the von Knyphausen Regiment, a regiment of the German military that was posted to New York around the year 1779. When is family was deported from Grand Pre in 1755, his mother and siblings and him were put on a transport bound for Pennsylvannia, His father was put on another transport.

In the late 1860s, the colony examined various options, including the possibility of becoming a discrete dominion unto itself, as well as entertaining delegations from the United States, who were interested in Prince Edward Island joining the United States.[19].

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