The Company shall have full authority to take such action as it may deem advisable in respect of all matters pertaining to instruments. You can also find the number on a security's official statements. You give us permission to use your company name as a reference on our website or on any of our affiliate websites. is not a law firm and does not express legal opinions nor is a broker dealer nor does sell any securities of any kind. EMAIL Us If You Wish To APPLY For An ISIN: The confirmation will contain the CGS identifier(s) requested, issuer and issue descriptions in the standardized CUSIP format and 12-character ISINs, where applicable. An additional corporation or entity along with the obligor that is the source of interest and principal payments on a debt security. The determination of whether a security, financial instrument or any other asset class is eligible for a CUSIP identifier, and whether the requester has supplied the appropriate documentation, shall be made by CUSIP Global Services (“CGS”) in its discretion and any such determination shall be final. Circumvention includes approaching or making contact with stock exchanges or agencies or companies worldwide that assists with any securities identification code issuance that we may be in touch with during the securities identification code application process. is independent from banks, financial institutions, stocks exchanges, governments, ISO or any agency. Because of the possibility of human or mechanical error by issuers, CGS, third party sources and others, neither CGS nor the ABA guarantees the accuracy, adequateness or completeness of any CGS Data, and shall not be liable or responsible for any errors or omissions or for the results obtained from the issuance, distribution or use of any CGS Data. (h)Updating Data in the Database. You understand and agree that is not, and does not claim to be, an attorney, financial advisor, investment advisor, tax advisor, broker or dealer, SEC attorney or licensed broker-dealer and does not sell securities of any kind, and the information provided on this website or through other forms of communication with employees or agents, is not legal, financial, investment or tax advice. Client/company hereby grants an irrevocable power of attorney to to a) execute any document or instrument that is reasonably needed during the application process on behalf of the client using HIS/HER name or another Director of the company, b) to fill out and execute online forms or offline forms using the Clients’ name as the signatory, which may include, but not be limited to, any authorization letter(s) or grant authority letter(s) to apply on behalf of Client to any agency or entity that issues ISIN codes or any securities identification codes such as LEI, SEDOL CUSIP, APIR, FIGI, CFI, FISN or any other securities identification code. The CUSIP Service Bureau, now CUSIP Global Services (CGS), was created in 1968 and tasked with oversight and administration of the system. S&P Capital IQ currently manages CGS on behalf of the ABA. REGISTRATION We strongly urge you to consult with your attorney or counsel before soliciting investors with any document that was purchased from us. Competitive short-term notes cannot be assigned until the day of the sale, For GDR/ADR requests use U.S. Corporate/Government form, Bond, Note, Convertible Bond, Certification of Deposit, 144A Debt, ABS, MBS, CDO, Common Stock, Preferred, ADR/GDR, (m) If a private offering is conducted by the Company, the Company will use the proceeds from the sale of the its securities or other capital acquired as set forth in the Offering Memorandum. You shall be responsible for obtaining and maintaining all telephone, computer hardware and other equipment needed for access to and use of this site and all charges related thereto. does not conduct due diligence on the securities and is solely relying on the truthful acknowledgement by Entity/client (the Company) that the securities are in fact legitimate and legal. Since every business is unique and laws vary from state to state, ISIN.COM does not guarantee that the options selected by you or your client are the best for a particular situation. EXCEPT AS EXPRESSLY PROVIDED OTHERWISE IN A WRITTEN AGREEMENT BETWEEN YOU AND ISIN.COM OR YOU AND A THIRD PARTY WITH RESPECT TO SUCH PARTY’S MATERIALS OR SERVICES, THIS SITE, AND ALL MATERIALS AND SERVICES ACCESSIBLE THROUGH THIS SITE, ARE PROVIDED ‘AS IS’ WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, EITHER EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, THE IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, OR THE WARRANTY OF NON-INFRINGEMENT. Automated Confirmation Transaction Service (ACT) helps report trades electronically that are executed on the NASDAQ stock exchange. Click the link in the e-mail to choose a new password for your account. The Company hereby acknowledges and agrees that, at’s sole and exclusive discretion, may elect to solely communicate directly with the Company and refuse to communicate with the Company through or via any attorney, consultant, contractor or other third party acting, or purporting to act, as an agent or intermediary of the Company. Mandatory - A put on a bond that will occur if the bondholder does not take a specific action. In reliance upon the representations and warranties set forth herein, and subject to the terms, conditions and performance of this Agreement. does not value the bonds, whether bearer or a new bond (new issue), and relies on the client to value the bond or any other further information or terms of the bond(s) such as interest payment amount, maturity date and other terms. Get in Touch. Privacy and Cookie Notice may elect or decline to accept such appointment in sole and exclusive discretion. If any provision in this Agreement is invalid or unenforceable under applicable law, the remaining provisions will continue in full force and effect. You may not modify, publish, transmit, display, participate in the transfer or sale, create derivative works, or in any way exploit the content of the site or any portion of it. The failure of to insist upon strict compliance with any term of this Agreement shall not be construed as a waiver with regard to any subsequent failure to comply with such term or provision. Often, banks or funds need multiple CUSIP numbers in order to use as identifiers for their securities. Confirmations are sent to Requestors for all new identifiers. Once your ISIN code or company profile has been posted to our free database you agree and understand that you will not receive any refund. This Agreement shall be interpreted, constructed and enforced under the laws of Belize. Your use of the Web Site after any changes have been posted will constitute your agreement to the modified Terms of Use and all of the changes. If any of these terms are unacceptable to you, you may not access the Web Site. … All information provided in this site is provided for information purposes only and does not constitute as legal advice between ISIN.COM and any person or entity unless otherwise specified. The SEC Form N-PX is completed by mutual funds to disclose the voting proxies of a security held in the fund. In executing’s services, may employ and/or subcontract to third parties (Contractors) to apply and obtain Numbers for the Company, including, but not limited to law firms, consulting firms or other entities. Nothing herein shall constitute an offer to buy, sell, or recommend securities. ISIN.COM is a service provider to entrepreneurs and companies. They are a nine digit codes, while the ISIN is 12 digits (and LEI codes are 20 characters, as a reference). Each third party content provider owns the copyright in content original to it. The below information is considered an agreement between and the entity/client filling out the forms, and checking the agree terms box or by sending an email to us for an application. Because of the possibility of human or mechanical error by ISIN number issuing firms, ISIN Data Limited does not guarantees the accuracy, adequateness or completeness of any ISIN code, and shall not be liable or responsible for any errors or omissions or for the results by your company or entity obtaining an ISIN with the help of We have assisted scores of companies over the years receive their CUSIP and ISIN numbers. | You expressly agree not to: Nothing herein shall constitute an offer to buy, sell, or recommend securities. The terms ‘client’, ‘entity’ and ‘company’ or ‘the Company’ are interchangeable terms in this agreement, as are the reference of “” and “ISIN Data Limited” with each other. While the CUSIP number and the ISIN code identify at the securities level (such as identifying the class of stock, bonds, notes, etc), the LEI code 'just' identifies the corporate entity. The User grants to the non-exclusive right to use all material entered into the Web Site by the User (other than third-party material transmitted through private electronic mail). It is now quite common for European agencies to require either an ISIN (or in the US a CUSIP), and an LEI code, and indeed several hundred thousand companies have now applied and registered an LEI number for their corporation. The Securities will conform to all statements, if needed, in a forthcoming Offering Memorandum. Subject to applicable laws and regulations, ISIN.COM, may change these Terms of Use at any time without notice. Quantum Online. Select the currency for the security coming to market. acknowledges that, in order for the Company to perform its duties properly hereunder, the Company must necessarily entrust with certain trade secrets and confidential business information (‘Confidential Information’). CUSIP Global Services. (f) Entity/client (also referred to as (the Company) acknowledges and agrees that does not certify any securities are real or have worth. Once we begin assisting with the ISIN or other code application or any other servcie, from the very onset, if a code is found to exist, without us knowing it existed prior to us accepting the work, payment is still due and you agree that no refund will be given. You acknowledge and understand that any public notice(s) or publishing requirements are not included in the services provided by ISIN.COM . is a service provider to entrepreneurs and companies. Subject to applicable laws and regulations, ISIN.COM, may change these Terms of Use at any time without notice. Corporation or entity that is the source of interest and principal payments on a debt security, not always the issuer. Therefore, you should read these Terms of Use from time to time for changes. 037833100 for Apple) or nine-character alphanumeric (e.g. By accessing and using operated by ISIN Data Limited (the ‘Web Site’), you agree to be legally bound by these Terms of Use and you represent that you are 18 years or older. Your profile or code(s) will be searchable on's public database, if you are a Level 2 member or we have an agreement to do so. CUSIPs are used in the clearing and settlement, such as with The Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation, or DTCC in the United States (while in Europe the ISIN code is used to clear with such agencies as Euroclear and Clearstream).

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