means “super delicious”. Housework? The Kansai way of saying “thanks”. Jaa ne -じゃあね – This is an informal way of saying “see you later.” Once again, don’t use this with teachers, bosses, and other superiors, or you’ll be sorry! People tend to slip into casual speech when talking to friends, children, and underlings. Keep the ones you need for meaning but get rid of all those wa’s and ga’s. is often translated as “b*tch”. KY・ケーワイ (keewai) is short for kūki yomenai (can’t read the mood). In this case, when in Kansai it is taken very seriously, but when in Tokyo it is more of a friendly insult than fighting words. ばか (baka) is definitely one of the top five Japanese words everyone knows. (saize) which to be honest, sounds pretty cool. ) Your roommate reminds you to do the dishes? It comes from the three mitsu you’re supposed to avoid - closed spaces, crowds, and close contact. Srta. All Rights Reserved, Language Courses and Language Services USA & Canada, Tel: 1-877-566-9299 (USA) / 1-416-800-9242 (Canada). Just be careful you don’t pick up some yakuwarigo - “role” language used to indicate things about characters, but not used by real-life people. Copyright © 2007 - 2020 Listen & Learn. Manga and anime use a lot of yakuwarigo that isn’t used in real life, so it’s good to know what you can imitate in casual conversation and what’s probably just a screenplay thing. 「あの花屋さんは安か」 While people do use it in real life, it’s more common in anime populated by tough guys and crude speakers. (chōshi dō) uses the same dō (how) and means “how are you”. is the sound of crying turned into a word. It can be hard to work up the courage to admit what feels like a weakness when you don’t want to look stupid, but asking shows you’ve been paying attention and will help you grow by leaps and bounds. You can think of Japanese as having four basic layers of politeness, with the super polite level being reserved for specific industries and situations. And if you join my video newsletter up above, you can get lots of actual Japanese lessons from me, personally. Use, (sutaba) instead! share. Japanese is known for its many levels of politeness, from differential keigo to standard classroom desu-masu form to casual language you’d use around friends. Your friend helped you figure your new computer out? ウザい (uzai) is short for uzattai (annoying). meaning “very”. What are you doing? Meaning: F**k. Kuso is the more common way to say ‘sh*t’ or ‘f*ck’ compared to chikusho (#6). Paying attention to everyone else’s speech patterns can help a lot when figuring out who wants to stay on polite terms and who’s happy to joke around with you. 「こちらでござる」 Think of it like the English phrase “no way”. People who are KY will say insensitive things and interrupt your conversation to discuss something irrelevant. 「ケンは大学を中退してグレちゃった」Ken wa daigaku wo chūtai shite gurechattaKen left college and went bad. Check out more insults in our Japanese slang used in manga & anime section or click here to scroll back to the table of contents. Extra-Polite (keigo) Ano sakkaa senshu kakkee Anime characters like to tell people they’re not worth their time. 「貴様、絶対に許さない」Kisama, zettai ni yurusanaiI’ll never forgive you. Ano hanaya-san wa yasuka In the East it’s harsher and in the West baka is harsher, but they have generally the same meaning. It’s similar to chō and is used for emphasis. describes something that’s just kind of “meh”. 「超絶高い」Chōzetsu takaiIt’s soooo expensive! These aspects of speaking Japanese can be lost on native English speakers who are not used to these seemingly rigid and unbending codes of linguistic conduct. 「あのサッカー選手カッケー」 Some internet slang just looks like a stream of numbers but is readable to a Japanese person as a coherent thought. Pertinence. McDonald’s has a pretty long name if you try to sound out the katakana, so people call it マック (makku) or マクド (makudo) instead. If you need help figuring out how to pronounce Japanese words, hop on over to our guide to Japanese speaking. (convenience stores) can be found on almost every block, but their name is too long so everyone says, is a common chain in Japan. There are other ways too depending on the image you want to give, like the cutesy gomen chai. Mister Donut, which has since merged with Dunkin’ Donuts in the US, is still prevalent in Japan. Baka – ばか – If someone says you’re “baka,” a thankyou would not be in order, this phrase means “stupid” or “idiot” in Japanese slang. means “because”. Here’s a list of sounds that can turn into numbers: 0 re(i), ma(ru), nashi, o, ze(ro)1 i(chi), hi(to), bi, kazu, wan2 ni, fu(ta), bu, tsū 3 sa(n), mi, sō, zō, su(rii)4 shi, yo(n), fō5 go, ko, i(tsu), fa(ibu)6 ro(ku), mu, shikkusu7 shichi, na(na), se(bun)8 ha(chi), ba, ya, eito9 kyū, ku, ko(kono), nai(n)10 jū, ji, to, te(n). While people do use it in real life, it’s more common in anime populated by tough guys and crude speakers. Need more specifics? マンション (manshon) looks like the English word “mansion” but it actually means a condo! Your roommate reminds you to do the dishes? 39 (sankyū) comes from the English “thank you”. Let people know you’re annoyed! “I left my shit at home” or “that’s some cool shit” but kuso unfortunately does not carry the same meaning. 「奴は猫大好き」Yatsu wa neko daisukiThat guy loves cats. dictionary definitions for Twitter language,Sms Speak,txt msgs, txt messages, texting, Text sms phrases, SMS lingo, Tweat, Txt messaging language chikusho has the following 3 definition(s) + add your definition damn damn is used in Japanese Damn it Damn it … (ok) There are a lot of Japanese slang words that developed as keyboard shortcuts, just like in English! If you look closely at their logo you can see why. Some Japanese people will intentionally use formal speech with foreigners because they think it’s easier to understand. People definitely say it in real life, but it’s waning in popularity. Our guides, tips, and memes to make your Japanese journey a success. Sticking to polite language can be helpful in introducing yourself as someone who cares about getting things right and respecting others, but if you never use casual speech you’ll seem like a standoffish person who doesn’t want to be friends. Tell them “akan de!”. we found that lists eight popular slang words! Here is a quite unassuming article to present some of the most commonly used insults in Japanese. 「ちゃう、ちゃう、ちゃう」 Too much to do but you just want to lie on the couch and watch a movie? This is the type of person you know works behind a desk but you can’t remember where or what they’re doing specifically. ) If you’re confused about how politeness levels are being used, try to observe how the Japanese people around you talk to other Japanese people. Call them, and they’ll be too ashamed to show their face again. customer service, extremely formal situations, Japanese Slang Words Based on Your Japanese Level, Need help learning Japanese? That flower shop is cheap. Nagoya-ben often lengthens vowels like changing the “ei” sound to “ee”. ) looks like the English word “mansion” but it actually means a condo! Jaa ne -じゃあね! Don’t confuse it with, )  Your friend asks you if you’re going to the baseball game but you’re busy that night, so tell them. ) ググる (guguru) means exactly what it sounds like. Your friend just put on a hat that looks like a pigeon head? (interesting person) for looking up Japanese slang! WKTK is another onomatopoeia and stands for wakuwaku tekateka (very excited). means “to favorite” or “like” on social media, especially Twitter. ) (“see you later”) with more Japanese slang! You say it when something’s hard to believe. 「田中さん、KYだよね」Tanaka-san, KY da yo neTanaka can’t read the mood at all, huh. ady, are famous pseudo-English terms referring to white-collar businessmen and women. 「宿題忘れちゃった」Shukudai wasurechattaI forgot my homework. 「あの俳優ウケるんだけどー」Ano haiyū wa ukerun da kedoThat actor is...interesting. Most places in Tokyo use the same standard dialect you learn from textbooks, but there are some slang words that are more common in the biggest city on Earth than outside it. You’re not alone! Take our fun Japanese slang quiz and make sure to check out the rest of our articles on learning Japanese! You say it when something feels totally gross. is a rude way of addressing someone. It describes someone trying to slip out unnoticed, usually from a social obligation. It sounds kind of like “star bar” which is a pretty cool nickname in our books. For my first video, or the first half anyways, I want to teach the top ten most common Japanese anime swear words! is another word for “cool”. くそ (kuso) is translated as “shit” or “crap” depending on the audience. It’s the verb for googling! This article is a part of our extensive series of guides on how to learn Japanese. (I was going to karaoke) a lot on Twitter. 安か (yasuka) means “cheap”. People often react with this word online. Tell your friend you totally agree! Eroi – エロい – This Japanese word is used to describe something or someone that is considered to be perverted. These kinds of companies never pay you overtime but work you to the bone. You’ll also see. If you feel darui you want to gorogoro around. Outside of anime, where people don’t tend to have mortal enemies, you won’t really hear this. Don’t confuse it with yabai (awesome/awful). When you see someone’s name followed by a triangle, that means that person’s cool. WWWW, or to be honest any amount of Ws, stands for warau (laugh) and is basically the Japanese version of “lol”. This kanji shares the reading, but actually means “duplicate”. 陰キャ (inkya) and its counterpart yokya are similar to “introvert” and “extravert”. To really get a hang of it nothing can replace practicing with a partner. It’s kind of like how some English speakers call it “Mickey D’s”. Got homework? Or it can be used like a “huh?” when someone is confused or perplexed by something. Kimoi – キモイ – This term is used to explain or profess a “bad feeling.” It can be used to describe feeling sick to one’s stomach, something disgusting, or even someone suspicious looking. 「ブスが多い」Busu ga ooiThere are a lot of ugly people, 「あの先生の授業、最低だろう」Ano sensei no jugyō, saitei darōThat teacher’s classes are the worst, aren’t they. You’ll often find old men (or characters who are acting a part) using this. It’s pretty rude to say to a stranger but you can tell your brother to give you some personal space with a. are similar to “introvert” and “extravert”. It means a pretty boy, a guy with a nice face. Check out our article on making Japanese friends! You’ll often find old men (or characters who are acting a part) using this. ) You can say it alone or tag it onto a word as an adjective. My internet is being slow. It’s the feeling of giddy anticipation that has you jumping up and down when you receive a package you’ve been waiting for all month. ) (makudo) instead. 奴 (yatsu) is a rude way of referring to someone. (can’t read the mood). In general, a lot of the insults and verbal tics that convey a character’s personality are just that, tools and not real speech. ) おk (ok) There are a lot of Japanese slang words that developed as keyboard shortcuts, just like in English! You say it when something’s hard to believe. You can add -ra to make it plural. Need to translate "畜舎" (Chikusha) from Japanese? ほんま (honma) The Kansai-ben version of hontō (really). Aichi prefecture uses Nagoya-ben, named after the city! The i at the end of the adjective turns into a ka. Anime characters like to tell people they’re not worth their time. ) If you look closely at their logo you can see why. Hora – ほら – This piece of slang means “Look!” or “See?” – If this Japanese colloquial is drawn out to “Horrraaaa….” It can also mean “I told you so….”. It’s nickname is サイゼ (saize) which to be honest, sounds pretty cool. save. (good morning) by taking out everything in between. ) Scroll down to our list of slang words to find out! – Used in disbelief in either what someone has said, or a certain given situation in general.

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