The Economic Value of Enterprise Architecture. Preparing for transition Determining Fair Value of an Architecture and Engineering Firm. Business Enterprise Value. The economic value of enterprise architecture … How Can Business Architecture Be Used? Any business… In practical terms, the Business Architecture is also often necessary as a means of demonstrating the business value of subsequent Technical Architecture work to key stakeholders, and the return on … The need for enterprise architecture can be summed up by two of its main goals – aligning the business and its operations with IT, and bridging the gap between the organization’s current state, and its desired future state. Emily Gunther ; 8/17/2017 Whether you are getting ready to retire and sell your interest, or you are a professional buying in as a new owner, determining the value of an architecture … While each situation is unique, a common approach is to calculate the value of the architecture business by capitalizing the normalized cash flow, before owners’ bonuses, using a rate of return that reflects current market conditions, as well as specific operating and risk factors unique to the business … How value is derived through Business Architecture. Business Architecture reveals how an organization is structured and can clearly demonstrate how elements such as capabilities, processes, organization and information fit together.

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