He takes Plato to task for his neglect of the third estate because Averroës believes that everyone is entitled to his share of happiness.

Ahmad Ibn Rushd, better known in West Latin as Averroes, was one of the most influential Islamic religious philosophers of his time. google_ad_slot = "6885402617"; The early topics covered in his writing include Islamic medicine, mathematics, Astronomy, Islamic philosophy, grammar, Islamic theology, Islamic law (Sharia) among others. After Latin translations of … He is, therefore, only interested in Plato’s theoretical statements. Many people around the world regarded him as the final and most influential Muslim philosopher. In total, Averroes wrote not less than eighty original works including 28 on philosophy, eight on law, 20 in Medicine, five on theology and four on Grammar. The philosopher Averroës distinguishes between degrees of happiness and assigns every believer the happiness that corresponds to his intellectual capacity. Thus, he regrets the position of women in Islam compared with their civic equality in Plato’s Republic. This doctrine was later opposed by Thomas Aquinas, who sought to reconcile faith and reason to establish theology as rational science.

In his search for truth the metaphysician is bound by Arabic usage, as is the jurist in his legal interpretations, though the jurist uses subjective reasoning only, in contrast to the metaphysician’s certain proof. Insisting on the prerogative of the metaphysician—understood as a duty laid upon him by God—to interpret the doctrines of religion in the form of right beliefs and convictions (like Plato’s philosopher-king), Averroës admits that the Sharīʿah contains teachings that surpass human understanding but that must be accepted by all believers because they contain divinely revealed truths. Of greater importance is his acceptance of Plato’s idea of the transformation and deterioration of the ideal, perfect state into the four imperfect states. Therefore, despite the uniqueness of the minds, the thoughts of man are different from those of others, it also explains my thought is, in a sense, my own, since it depends on me to join the intellect “agent”, ie to make the abstract intelligible either of my images. Averroes legal studies were directed by his teacher and friend called Ibn Zuhr who was also at that time a great Muslim physician. With his vast knowledge of theology, psychology, Aristotelian and Islamic philosophy, mathematics, geography, among other areas, Averroes was able to integrate Islamic traditions with the ancient Greek thought successfully. Ibn Rushd was also a writer who devoted thirty years of his life writing philosophical works. His "Commentaries" on Aristotle , his original philosophical works, and his treatises on theology have come down to us either in Latin or Hebrew translations.
As a philosopher, lawyer and physician, Averroes studied and taught many branchs of the knowledge, from medecine to philosophy. Averroës stated explicitly and unequivocally that religion is for all three classes; that the contents of the Sharīʿah are the whole and only truth for all believers; and that religion’s teachings about reward and punishment and the hereafter must be accepted in their plain meaning by the elite no less than by the masses.

An award, The Ibn Rushd Prize for Freedom of Thought created and awarded since 1999, was also named after Averroes. Know first of all that there is no single answer to this question. He explains Plato, whose Laws and Politikos he also knows and uses, with the help, and in the light, of Aristotle’s Analytica posteriora, De anima, Physica, and Nicomachean Ethics. This theory later influenced the history of Aristotelian scholarship.

Our author explains this in several places: in its comments to the Treaty of the soul, and in three “letters” on this issue.

Averroes retained from the Aristotle’s thought the following points:t the world is eternal, the human species provides no fault with their incessant news that people are dying, still others replace them, and if the science is lacking in a point on Earth, we can be sure it is in any other: the man, as being specific, is always necessarily “attached” to the intellects.

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