His first flight, aboard Gemini 8 in March 1966, ended in near-disaster. She said that her two children by second husband, Mark Boxer, , were ``happy'' at the news. But they renewed contact about a year or so ago. of Burke County. Nasa discovered that the three astronauts had carried 400 unauthorised stamp envelopes. Last night, he was abroad on business and could not be contacted. The son of a Brigadier General, Scott was selected as an astronaut in 1963 after serving as a jet pilot. You know I've never met her." census records. John T.'s Fulton J. Sheen, then a monsignor, who had instructed Mr. Ford in Roman Catholicism before his conversion. probably closer to 1790. He was an innocent victim of that.''. The two went over, introduced themselves and shook hands. Could he be a son of William or George. there in 1897 and has descendants there today. He was disciplined by Nasa for a scam whereby he smuggled commemorative moonwalk stamps to the moon with a view to inflating their value and selling them to fortune-hunters. '', The twice-married presenter who read the BBC's One O'Clock News as usual, described her fiancee as ``a lovely, extraordinary man, very learned.''. County, TN. They were the first astronauts to use the lunar module which overturned. Mrs Scott wiped tears from behind her spectacles yesterday as she said: ``After 41 years of marriage I'm going to be with my daughter. Her grandfather, Thomas E. Murray, was a utilities executive and inventor. ``I am very upset,'' said Mrs Scott, who was busy moving home yesterday. - aft 1871 managed by Matthew Mace that these minor children were Telitha, Jane E., Doctor Burton and They were married in 1959 and have two children, Tracey Lee (39) and Douglas (36). She refused to say how long her husband had been in London and whether or not she had met Ms Ford. '', Associates of Scott were astonished to hear of the impending marriage. Ford. Apollo 15 was the fourth manned lunar landing mission and the first to visit and explore the moon's Hadley Rille and Apennine Mountains. After her marriage to Mr. Johnson, to whom she was introduced by Rocky Converse, the widow of Gary Cooper, Mrs. Johnson created an instant status revolution in Los Angeles, where she immediately became the most prestigious hostess. In 1956, she was selected as one of the 10 best-dressed women in the world and four years later was named to the Fashion Hall of Fame. Menu Looking red-eyed and nervous, the small, dark-haired woman said she had split from her husband only two-and-a-half months ago. George W., James W., and some minors not listed. When I last spoke to him he was happily married with two children. "This had to happen some time," she whispered to her companion. His will written 1 April 1833, registered Six months later, 22 name was Anna and census records have her born between 1780 and 1795, Her death was due to complications from a stroke, her daughter Charlotte Ford said. Our branch of the Ford family descends from John T. Ford who was born somewhere between 1770 and 1780 in North Carolina. Ms Ford (56) has been dating the 67-year-old Texan for a year, but kept news of the engagement secret until yesterday. Sections. She eventually became the Los Angeles representative of Christie's, the international auction house. Later deeds indicate So secret, in fact, that it came as a surprise even to the colonel's wife of 41 years, Ann, who learned of the news at the family home in California. The announcement of the Ford separation and divorce followed months of rumor in which Mr. Ford was linked romantically to the Italian-born Maria Cristina Vettore Austin, the divorced wife of a British naval officer. BBC newsreader Anna Ford has spoken of her joy at becoming engaged to Colonel David Scott, a former Nasa astronaut who walked on the moon in 1971, the time, this was part of Buncombe County and before that it was part He and command pilot Neil Armstrong performed the first successful docking of two vehicles in space, but there was a short circuit in a thruster mechanism. During her years in Grosse Pointe, Mich., she was active in the support of the Detroit Institute of Art and the Metropolitan Opera Association of Detroit. Township (near Canton) in Haywood County, North Carolina in 1805. See the article in its original context from. The relationship, according to Ms Ford, began a year ago when they met again in London, where Scott has business interests. His wife's A space expert who has known him for years said: ``I cannot believe it. We are both too busy at the moment for that. September 1859, she married a J.T. As punishment, Scott was transferred to a desk job at the Johnson space centre as technical assistant for the remaining Apollo flights. She married Deane F. Johnson, a prominent Los Angeles lawyer, in … Tipton married Eleanor Howell in 1825 and moved to Cocke Benjamin Jackson and James came too and married Mantooth Anne Ford Johnson, 76, Dies; Influenced Fashion and Arts. She noticed Mrs. Austin, who was with a friend at another table. Our branch of the Ford family descends from John T. Ford who Harrison Ford's Blade Runner 2049 is shining the spotlight on his devoted wife of eight years: 52-year-old actress Calista Flockhart, who supported him while filming his new movie. Yesterday his childhood sweetheart and the mother of his two children said her husband's relationship with the newsreader ``came as a total shock.''. For the past few years he has commuted between Britain and America. Oct 5 1871, lists his children as Tipton, Benjamin Jackson, William C., Joseph and possibly a Sarah. Mrs. Ford's friend later reported: "It was all very civilized, but if there were a way to bottle up the electricity in that little room, it would run the Ford industries for a solid year.". She was also one of the first women elected to the board of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. a deed in 1801 in Buncombe for Benjamin Ford and others.

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