The East India Company in Bombay was competing with other local rulers for the same financing from the same merchants.”. Visit our page for journalists or call (773) 702-8360. Anand’s dissertation grew out of her fascination with historical state building as well as her interest in making a contribution to the study of pre-colonial state building in South Asia, a relatively unexplored topic in comparison to the larger historical state building literatures on Europe and China. I have to see if the East India Company was aware of merchant relationships to itself relative to other rulers. This ultimately led to her deciding to focus on comparative politics as her primary subfield. Yes, but …, An innovative approach to polling during an unprecedented election year, UChicago sociologist examines impact of gerrymandering on violence in Chicago. View Anjali Anand’s profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community. “Indian historians agree that what happened in the 18th century is that Indian financiers started working with the British, thus abandoning local rulers. She has also worked as a Communication Skills Instructor at Bilkent University in Ankara, Turkey and been a Fellow in the AIIS Urdu Academic Year Language Program in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India. Please contact Anjali should you have questions or require assistance. After this eight month program, Anand traveled to Hyderabad to do preliminary archival work at the Telangana State Archives. Office of Communications. She is broadly interested in historical processes of state formation, including the governing of territory by non-state actors, the use of national identities to make claims on territory, the institutional structure of empires, and the precolonial determinants of colonial institutions. That’s a really good pivot to understand this giant, macro process which is often called the ‘Great Divergence.’ There is this bigger puzzle there that needs to be explained, which fits really well into all these different literatures from state formation to economic history to the emergence of secure property rights and modern states.”. She intended to continue her studies in international relations, but found an variety of interests through her early coursework, which introduced her to new questions and research ideas. She first worked at the University of Chicago Press, gaining insight as to how books are contracted and published. Office of Communications. Sometimes they didn’t find it so there would be debates between officials, and as a researcher you have to go sift through all of that. That left the impression that there is this world of arguments and ideas, and you can argue about politics in a rigorous fashion. Get more with UChicago News delivered to your inbox. Anjali Anand PhD Candidate in Political Science at the University of Chicago. After her time in India, she began working for the Division of Social Sciences as a Higher Education intern with the communications team. Her honors thesis focused on studying terrorist groups in South Asia. The Comparative Politics Workshop invites you to discuss: Being a Higher Ed Intern has taught me how to write about scholarly work for a general audience, which is an incredibly important skill for being able to connect with non-academics about what kind of work is being done in the academy and why it might be relevant to them.”, Course Recap: GIS/Spatial Analysis for Social Scientists, Course Recap: Elements of Economic Analysis, Mansueto Institute Seminar: Juval Portugali, Summer School on Socioeconomic Inequality, Research Presentation: Hanisah Binte Abdullah Sani, Center for Spatial Data Science: Applying Spatial Insights Across Disciplines, Common Ground: Howard Nusbaum and James Evans, Exploring Classroom and Policy Interventions, Common Ground: Emily Talen and Marc Berman, Common Ground: Brodwyn Fischer and Marco Garrido, Graduate Student Profile: Jessica Bregant, Center for Spatial Data Science Opens at UChicago. But determining the origins of that lack of competitiveness means you often have to look at politics.”. This led her to examine how corporations or merchants governed India, as part of the ‘Great Divergence’ -- the decline of Asia as a global economic powerhouse. Because the British came to India from their own system, they looked for parallels to that system in India. Get more with UChicago News delivered to your inbox. Anjali has 8 jobs listed on their profile. Before entering the PhD program at Chicago, Anjali received a BA cum laude in Economics and Political Science from Amherst College. Anand has traveled to India as an Academic Year Language Fellow in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India through the American Institute for Indian Studies. Mei Yin Bonnie Chan. Covering a story? University of Chicago. Alexandra Chinchilla. “I think academic writing is different from the type of writing I do as an intern, because you're writing for a very different audience with a different purpose in mind.

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