3 Adam Cole. I could see him pulling out the last shot on a rare occasion or a big match but I don't see that regularly being allowed. Primarily the figure four or the florida key. Samoan Drops, Superman Punches, and spears do not an exciting match make. A wrestler sometimes ends up only being as good as their finisher. After earning only chagrin from wrestling fans over many years, Cena has finally earnt their respect. Après le match, il est interrompu dans sa célébration par Scarlett, la femme de Karrion Kross [29]. Attended Penn State University and worked as fitness instructor. The opponent's head doesn't come near the mat; in fact, Cole's well-defined glutes clearly absorb all the impact. Brock Lesnar has been booked as the most dominant star in WWE over the last several years. Roman Reigns delivers a solid spear. Shame then, that her finisher still sucks. If remember his shining wizard was just a signature move before. Plus, Tony 'leveling up' the attack by removing his knee pads and revealing knobbly knees (to be fair, his extra knobbly knees could cause more pain on the incapacitated opponent) is ridiculous. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Why is Adam Cole's finisher a Shining Wizard? The second day of the WWE NXT Great American Bash saw Keith Lee become the first superstar to hold the NXT Championship and the North American Championship simultaneously in the main event that ended Adam Cole’s record run as the promotion’s top star. It's not a great set-up and the end result really isn't worth the wait. It just doesn't look like it hurts as there's too little pressure being exerted on the victim's spine. His record-breaking NXT Championship reign had him fend off challengers left and right, with the help of Roderick Strong, Bobby Fish, and Kyle O'Reilly. Lee was one of NXT's biggest stars and won multiple matches using two devastating finishers; the Big Bang Catastrophe and the Spirit Bomb. NEXT: The 10 Best WWE Finishers Of The 2010s, Hi! By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. That doesn't mean his finishers haven't always sucked. The excessive antics of Braun Strowman has been a highlight on WWE for several years now. After disappearing from the WWE TV entirely, Tyler Breeze has returned like a phoenix from the ashes of his own career in NXT. Reigns is a terrific wrestler, the fact that he can engage an audience with such a boring arsenal impresses greatly. Some folks go beyond and create several successful ways to win their matches. And not in a good way. When fans rallied behind him and he turned into the Leader of the Yes Movement, he renamed the finisher to the Yes Lock. His words, thoughts and unwanted opinions on comics, history, video games, wrestling and pure randomness can be found on TheSixthAxis, CBR, The Sportster, The Gamer and History is Now. As the leader of the Undisputed Era, Adam Cole has consistently been one of the biggest stars on NXT. With four different finishing moves in his arsenal, The Undertaker always had something he could turn to in order to pick up one victory after another. Lacking any sort of impact, it seems only sensible for Bayley to consign the Bayley to Belly to the dustbin of history and move on with her life. As he ascended up the card and began to turn into a true main-event Superstar, Bryan added a new finisher to his arsenal; the Running Knee. Copyright © New Japan Pro-Wrestling Co.,Ltd. It's also a move that can be unleashed in a variety of different situations, increasing the chance of crowd popping reversals or surprise spots. Il travaille actuellement à la World Wrestling Entertainment dans la division NXT.où il est le Champion de la NXT dans son premier règne. The most LOL-worthy things the Internet has to offer. Worse still is Natalya's posture whilst delivering the submission, to all intents and purposes she looks to be trying to defecate on her victim. This hug, followed by a belly to belly suplex, has earned Bayley more Twitter sass than probably any other move on this list. The Miz is not a wrestler who was handed anything. The same can't be said about Braun's finisher, however. I wonder he isn't using the Last Shot. Candice LeRae def. They have learned the Doctor of Thugonomics has always been terrific in the ring. The variety of finishers he has at his disposal make him extremely dangerous in pretty much every scenario. Last night's a pretty tough way to gauge a guy's moveset with that type of match but he's been using the knee as his finish so I'm guessing that's what it is for now. Isaiah Scott was pitted against Johnny Gargano in a late addition to the card and put on a solid filler spot In the card, though Gargano did not match the level of intensity the has been on the show since he turned heel. His Running Powerslam is one of the most mundane finishers in WWE today. AJ has both the Forearm and Styles Clash. NEXT: 10 Things WWE Must Stop Doing, Right Now, Adrian writes stuff. Tony sends his opponent into the corner, they set themselves down, and then Nese runs knees first into them. Great wrestlers gain a deep understanding of their moves and when to execute them to control the pacing of a match. The most LOL-worthy things the Internet has to offer. Following on the heels of WWE NXT Great American Bash Day last week, were Sasha Banks and Io Shirai stole the show, Day 2 started women’s division action with Candice LeRae and Mia Yim putting on a hard-hitting fight which the former won in a street fight. ", RELATED: 5 WWE Wrestlers Who Will Stay Loyal To WWE (& 5 Who Will Likely Defect To AEW).

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